Savannah Gardens 
Crabtree & Evelyn (1984)

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Savannah Gardens by Crabtree & Evelyn

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Savannah Gardens is a women's perfume launched in 1984 by Crabtree & Evelyn

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Reviews of Savannah Gardens by Crabtree & Evelyn

There are 2 reviews of Savannah Gardens by Crabtree & Evelyn.

Ahh, this takes me back! I remember buying this for someone I really liked, along with the body lotion. It really is a lovely perfume. I actually find it really quite syrupy. It's quite decadent! Just based on my memory, I think the Jasmine here is paired with other white florals, maybe Gardenia... which to me might be related to the olfactory representation of this perfume as evoking a Southern United States vibe (i.e. a garden in Savannah, Georgia). It is a little heavy and can be somewhat sweet, but it's very intoxicating. I think this is discontinued now but it was quite unique and made the wearer feel very special. Brings back happy fragrant memories!

This and Crabtree's Nantucket Briar are probably two of the first fragrances I ever actually purchased on my own as a teenager, most likely from the Crabtree shop in Newport, RI, where we used to spend many summer vacations. Savannah Gardens is a white floral, more or less, and an incredibly sweet and spicy one given the way that the jasmine and hyacinth interplay with the orange blossom, vanilla and amber. It's so thick and weighty that it almost has a drawl to it, and applying it feels liek drizzling yourself with some decadent syrup. Definitely a slow down, take it easy scent, something to be fully savored and appreciated. It's perhaps too sweet and drippy for some but I really love it, mainly for the associations of (my own!) youth that it carries but also for its unique character. It's quite original and feels very natural and guileless, as do all Crabtree and Evelyn products to me. The very sweet, fresh packaging always makes me smile, too; very charmingly innocent and gentle.

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