Sauvage Parfum fragrance notes

    • mandarin, tonka bean, sandalwood

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The tonka is very dusty and the sandalwood is very spicy like cinnamon. I couldn't take it and had to take a shower to get it off, so this is right up there with the elixir flanker in terms of bleh. Unfortunately, it even survived a shower. If you like this, I would buy without worrying about longevity.

The EDT is a masterpiece of black pepper and lemon, what were they thinking with these flankers lol
27th February 2023
It may be a bit more rounded, but the performance doesn't justify the price. Just go with the EDT or EDP. The only reason you'd go for this is if you found the EDT too screechy and loud.
8th April 2022

This stuff slams, period.

The three notes blend perfectly.

This and Elixir are my faves. Dry down here is superb.
24th December 2021
The opening is bright and has an hesperidic flavour; I get a lemony core mainly, with mandarins and touches of tangerines added in also. after the first minutes there is a brief periods of a herbal undertone, but the the citrus overwhelms it thoroughly, becoming quite fizzy.

The drydown adds an ambery ambroxan impression, which contains some woody components, including a laboratory-created 'sandal'wood. Touches of vanilla and tonka appear closer to the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A somewhat pleasant bright summery scent with an uplifting touch, but rather linear and egregiously petrochemical without anything super-creative to truly make up for that. 2.5/5
23rd September 2021
To my nose Dior Sauvage is a pleasant boisterous piece of sport virility full of aromatic/soapy/woody/leafy/herbal synth dynamism but lacking a real spark of class and elegance. Same speech for this even soapier Parfum-version (turned soapier by a enhanced dosage of tonka bean I suppose), which is stronger on the sporty side (I still detect fizzy hesperides, soapy "shower foam like" lavender, pepper, sporty soapy patchouli and ambroxan). The dominant floral note it seems I detect is dry geranium well combined with pepper, acid citrus, lavender and woody ambroxan. Dry down is still "pungent" on spicy fizziness, shower-like sporty soapiness and final woody/"ambroxy" peppery virility. This is finally a likealable "metro-boy" fragrance and not a distinctive aroma under my profane nose.
25th January 2021
So for my molecular chemistry class we had to to do a project of our choosing. I chose to do a project on the Dior Sauvage line. Since we were in quarantine my professor made it simple on us. For my topic I just had to figure out longevity, differences of notes projection/Sillage. Anyways without boring you with my research over the EDT & EDP. I will say that the parfum was more sweater/citrussy along with a powdery note: ( i used 3 different subjects my sister myself and my father) i found that on skin the fragrance tended to last in average of 16hrs on skin(slightly/minimal projection meaning it is not radiating off of skin if u waft it), with a projection average of 6hrs! To me i enjoy the parfum because it has a more polished smell compared to its predecessors! It has a juicy orange smell that I Adore. I may be biased but I also do love aqva amara (so i love my orange notes) NOW The EDP IMO is second and in the dry down of the edp it gives off a bubble gum vibe, maybe due to the vanilla and anise in it. Thank yall for reading.
21st May 2020
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