Sauvage Elixir 
Christian Dior (2021)

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Christian Dior
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Perfumer François Demachy: 

I wanted to remain true to the decisive notes of Sauvage, while bringing them to an unprecedented density.* To attain this power, I chose to pare its architecture down to the bare essentials. The trail of this elixir is surprisingly deep and dense.

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Reviews of Sauvage Elixir by Christian Dior

Nice! Has the Sauvage DNA with much more depth. Much more richer and smoother than the original. For grown folks only! A future purchase for sure.8/10
Sep 22, 2021

I've given this 2 good wearings, and feel this is typical department store dreck. Artificial, safe, and wholly uninteresting. Save your money. This feels like a teens first foray into fragrance.
Sep 22, 2021

Grapefruit to Lavender to Amber. It is interesting how designers can continue to make money off of compositions that are this simple. Cinnamon and nutmeg are good for adding illusory complexities that seem interesting at first and then you realize this is the same note you have smelled over and over again. Why not just buy your favorite instead of buying this because its different? Its not the amount of dollars, its the fact that you have been to this vacation place before. Its like that same spot you go every year, and every year more people talk about it. Most of the time comments start with "I wish it had more. . . "
Sep 16, 2021

Nuclear Sauvage
Without the radiation
Reveals core beauty.
Sep 16, 2021

A first impression based on two samples and one wear... An interesting twist to the accord where lavender, allspice, to a lesser extent, leathery fumes, take prominent roles, giving this Elixir blend a throwback quality that is much darker, autumnal and signature worthy... Certainly the Drakkar Noir vibe with a hint of petrol are apt yet it still retains the sharp scratchy essence of Sauvage that overall leans towards a mature demographic, one that is geared towards masculine panache, more so here than the previously all-purpose unisex vibes of the other concentrations, particularly the enjoyable Parfum... Surely, I can attest to the strength of this Elixir as being way above the board and one that projects beautifully outdoors in my experience... Lovely whiffs throughout the course of the day and night from a stingy marginal sample squirt of three leaving one with a classy updated riff of "You got that barbershop feelin' "... Hopefully kismet will play its card and offer an actual bottle experience to add to this initial impression... For now, the hype is measuring up personally like a contagion of pretty persuasion and an eventual relish...
Sep 8, 2021

Opens with a blast of liquorice, lavender and sweetness. This opening reminded me of the original A men lavender caramel liquorice combination. About an hour in you start getting this pine tree note which is backed up by liquorice and lavender. Then the musky note of past Sauvage comes in in the background, supported by a sweet gooey amber. There is no showergel to my nose though. It barely smells like Sauvage but still gets a thumbs up.

And yes it is a beast. Still smell it the next day. 1 spray on my hand was overtaking the Orion i was wearing on my neck.
Sep 7, 2021

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