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Christian Dior (2021)

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Sauvage Elixir by Christian Dior

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Perfumer François Demachy:

I wanted to remain true to the decisive notes of Sauvage, while bringing them to an unprecedented density. To attain this power, I chose to pare its architecture down to the bare essentials. The trail of this elixir is surprisingly deep and dense.

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Reviews of Sauvage Elixir by Christian Dior

There are 27 reviews of Sauvage Elixir by Christian Dior.

The original EdT wasn’t my cup o’ tea at all. I couldn’t get over the barrage of metallic peppery bergamot and ambrox. The Elixir is really nothing like it or anything else from the Sauvage line.

Although the sprayer dispenses a large and fine mist giving the impression it might be light, it’s anything but. It’s a thick and dense scent, synthetic and monolithic with the stonelike corners chamfered off so you don’t cut yourself.

The way it comes across in a synthetic
manner could be just the overdosing style of certain fragrance ingredients so it feels like Synthetic Plus which isn’t in itself a problem. What is a problem is on skin it feels like a constant assault of scent that never lets up. Sleek but somehow unwieldy.

In the air however it comes into its own and truly shines. If I know I want to wear this I won’t spray on skin. If you must maybe go one spray to the back of the neck. I’ve been spraying clothing and wearing it later and letting the scent’s tenacity provide aura and sillage.

I won’t give a breakdown of notes. It feels like it’s been designed with the help of artificial intelligence and it comes across like the note pyramid was created first and the fragrance itself was built around it. A human would probably have taken other twists and turns in putting it together when it felt too cloying or unbalanced but the computer probably spewed a formula and Demachy and his team probably reworked it and added the finishing touches.
It’s quite accurate though. Liquorice...check.
Spices...yep yep...yada yada...

With all that said I actually like it. The main reason is despite it’s flaws, feeling bulky in places and unbalanced in others, in the air it smells like vintage Drakkar Noir did on skin in the 1980s. It’s completely uncanny.

On skin 7/10
In the air 8.75/10

I won't waste any time writing an extensive review with note breakdown of this horrific stinker. Projection is stellar and so is longevity at 20 terrifying hours on skin despite several attempts to wash it off.

While terrified by how bad a release the original Sauvage was, I read enough folks say that Sauvage Elixir was worth a try even if you disliked the original. Well, now having purchased and wearing a sample of Elixir, I think pretty much if you enjoyed the synthetic ambroxan smell of regular Sauvage, you will near-certainly enjoy the overpowering strong, highly synthetic profile of this one too. If your tastes run to more along mine (think 70s and 80s natural smelling powerhouses) steer well-clear of this abomination and insult to the world of perfume. The bottom line is Sauvage Elixir, like its EdT counterpart is scary, nightmarish stuff indeed, "earning" a 1 star out of 5 "horrific" rating and a mega-avoid recommendation. Seek out the spectacular classic *Eau* Sauvage EdT instead, says I.

Dior Sauvage Elixir -

The Venus flytrap gets some of its nutrients from the soil, but to supplement its diet, the plant eats insects and arachnids. Ants, beetles, grasshoppers, flying insects, and spiders are all victims of the flytrap. It can take a Venus flytrap three to five days to digest an organism.

Enter Sauvage Elixir...

Not only does it make Johnny Depp look "younger" in Dior ads, but it will have you smelling indoctrinated into the savage Sauvage club for a minimum of 48 hours if it hits your clothes. Of course it will, as this isn't juice; it's ELIXIR!

The blending and concentration are beyond what I could pull off daily, which is unfortunate because it actually smells pretty good. $230 for 100ml is steep, although that would be enough to last a decade with occasional use. I will continue to test drive my sample for now....

3 / 5 stars

Update March 2023: After a few more wearings I like this one enough to purchase the 60ml bottle. 1 spray to the body + 1/2 a spray to the back of the neck is the sweet spot.

UPDATE 23 April 2023:
This just got a crazy reformulation. I hit my forearm with two sprays in Sephora and this is like 50% similar to the original formulation from last winter. Longevity was still good but projection was probably 1/3 of what it used to be - pretty strong but no longer atomic bomb like. The scent is much much sweeter, like citrus and licorice candy, and the lavender doesn't have the laundry vibe anymore.

I still don't think this deserves half the hype it gets, but it got a major improvement in terms of scent at the cost of the nuclear projection, so I'll give it a lukewarm neutral instead of two thumbs down and a barf. Just note that smelling like licorice is weird, but if you're on this website you know we're all weird already.

Original Review:
It smells almost exactly like the Downy lavender scent beads that you throw in the washing machine, then the next day it turns into Drakkar Noir and projects so much off clothes I had to wash my jacket just to get the smell off.

This for me is the Sauvage to get.
It is different enough from the other concentrations, which at this point is 'abused' in my book.

I have just today purchased the3.4 ml. Size which has recently become available, and I for one love this scent. A strong point for myself is in other than a good flavor for my nose is longevity ,which is most definate present. It seems we are witnessing a distinct DNA copycat like the Mugler Pure line ,Those of us that are in the fragrance world know the DNA of the ever so fantastic and sadly missed Mugler fragrances and we will recognize every flanker that is produced by Dior and there will be more to come . This Elixir is the prototype for the price to see who will drop the money in the can. I was never one for receiving compliments, I buy for me , and when that wind blows and hits just right for me to smell the chemical that I have infused myself with , there lies the happiness with said purchase . Always looking for that next best juice , for now I think i have found it , No regrets .

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