Sauvage Eau de Parfum 
Christian Dior (2018)

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Reviews of Sauvage Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior

There are 22 reviews of Sauvage Eau de Parfum by Christian Dior.

Really enjoy this one. The EdT DNA is definitely there but the EdP is much more smooth and dare I say sophisticated. What you see is what you get in this fragrance. Bright juicy, sweet citrus with just the right amount of pepper. Followed by creamy vanilla, clean lavender and ambroxan that is less abrasive but just as tenacious. Longevity and projection are about average. Thumbs up!
Feb 28, 2021

I have taken out of my rotation. Just not 'for me'. I much prefer the Creed and Chanel fragrances. Need to 're-home' the bottle. Only used 5-6 times.
Feb 12, 2020

Potent, musky, freshly peppery and fruity (kind of juicy fizzy). A brasher version of the more calibrated original formula. Dark, kind of berrish-musky and splashing. Patch is "blatant", scratchy and muscular. The virile touch penetrates in the middle of the brain. Star anice provides wideness and aireness. Sauvage EDP is a musky dark fragrance with powerful sillage and testosteronic appeal. The fruity accord is reinforced by acid bergamot but is utterly enhanced by synth fruity-musky kind of red-berrish aromachemicals imo. Juvenile and kind of "clubbing" (but at same time moody, serious and virile for a hot-weather mediterranean day at work). This Dior's creation is a bomb for the charismatic sensualist loving to bè in middle of the stage with a role of absolute protagonist.
Dec 19, 2019

This one is kind of a meh for me. I was interested trying out a Sauvage EDP sample I got when picking up a bottle of Eau Sauvage... didn’t have a big impact on me for all the hype surrounding it.

It’s pleasant, somewhat bright and rounded on top of the ambroxan dollop and performs well, but I just don’t feel any great emotion one way or another when smelling it.

Can’t see a great reason to purchase it over a bottle of, say, Versace Dylan Blue (or one of a dozen other blue fragrances), unless you’re greatly concerned about that extra hint of peppery brightness and about purchasing a scent that came before its copycat (although you’re purchasing a derivative creation no matter what in that example).

The EDT I sampled on a tester strip seemed a lot more fun, if harsh. I may take a closer look at it, but the EDP just didn’t grab me.
Nov 18, 2019

The bergamot with a Touch of white pepper added in sounds a bit like it is exuding an attenuated freshness, but in me it is a night and cheery opening.

The drydown announces itself by a lavender impression, which is the main component of th heat notes. Whiffs of nutmeg - still a bit of the pepper is still left too - and a sweetish aniseed add a less fresh side to the whole.

The sweet character is developed further in the base, with a tonka mixed in, but an added ambery undertone (hello ambroxan!) provides some counterweight to the sweetness.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

Compared to the Eau de Toilette, this Eau de Parfum is richer, less bright in the later stages, and - expected for an Eau de Parfum - performing better. After the top notes a certain generic nature is quite evident, as is the somewhat predictable and habitual way of defining the base notes. Not bad but not very impressive either. 2.75/5
Oct 1, 2019

I own both the edt and the edp version of Sauvage and i have to say that the edp version out performs the edt. The edt is much louder and projects off of my skin much more BUT I have recieved more compliements wearing this than I have with edt. I honestly get at least one compliment on how I smell a day when i wear this out. I much prefer the dry down and how it sits on my skin. This version for me last 8-12 hours, on clothes it last until they are washed. This is one of the only of my collection that I could see myself buying again once I run out of juice.
Sep 1, 2019

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