Sauvage Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • calabrian bergamot, sichuan pepper
  • Heart

    • star anise, nutmeg, lavender
  • Base

    • papua new guinean vanilla, ambroxan

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I don't want to sperg on about how much I love Sauvage DNA, but if you found the EDT too harsh but liked the DNA then this take might be better. The DNA is undeniably the same and has facets of the Parfum (which is shit overall, like Elixir) but it somehow does it "right" whereas the Parfum didn't.

The mandarin+vanilla and pepper on top turning into nutmeg and lavender in the drydown are simply wonderful. I can't help but smile when I wear this.

So I like Coach for Men a ton as well as Bleu EDP. This is fun like Coach is, but the scent goes the way of Bleu EDP without being stuff and middle-aged office wear smelling. It's fun and doesn't take itself seriously without being weird.
3rd March 2023
Dior Sauvage EDP (sample) -

Before sampling, I was happy to read many reviews for this regarding the “weak and abysmal performance”. I was looking forward to it maybe being wearable as the EDT was, as expected, LOUD.

Well, I don’t know what these dudes are huffing, but this EDP on my skin is bordering on chemical waste level strength. 1 spray to the back of my hand and this fume got legs right out of the gate.

I decided to wash it off after a couple of hours as the spices, dry lavender and woods were all throttle and no brakes.

To my nose, the dry down here is the same one that Demachy used again in Dior Homme 2020, which I didn’t particularly care for either.

In the end, I find this style and composition more versatile and enjoyable from start to finish in Prada Luna Rossa Carbon.

2.5 / 5 stars

26th January 2023

I will try to keep this short and sweet. Sauvage is an odd one to me as it gets both a lot of love and a lot of hate from frag snobs, but ultimately a fragrance comes down to personal taste, performance / skin type, and the use case.

For me, this is a great scent. On my skin the performance is amazing. This is of the few scents I can spray on in the morning and still strongly smell on my skin in the late evening. I get whiffs of it all day, which I love. While I wear fragrances more for me than for other people, this one normally pulls in a lot of compliments. Sure, a lot of people know it and it's not very original, but it smells great on my skin, and given the performance I don't need a lot of sprays to make this last. The performance on my skin makes it a fairly good value as it takes me a while to spray my way through a bottle. This is one of the few fragrences I have repurchased for my collection over the years (on my second bottle)

If you like the way it smells, then I say buy it. Don't worry about the reviews you see here or on YouTube. This fragrance is generally a people pleaser that you can wear in all seasons and on any occasion (casual, formal, gym, day/night, summer or winter). Again, given the performance on my skin and the versatility of this fragrance, I feel it's a good value (a dumb reach if there ever was one). I am confident that it will continue to be one of the most used bottles in my collection for many years to come.
12th January 2023
Smells like a cheap deodorant spray used on a clean t-shirt. It is highly synthetic but also weak projection. Save your money, stay away from this.
20th November 2022
I own a relatively "vintage" bottle of sauvage EDT that performs like a beast and I, particularly, really like sauvage's smell (considering it's purpose - I consider sauvage either a casual or going out fragrance, depending on ocasion).
I wanted to save my EDT bottle because its performance is great and I was almost running out of it. Also, most people say that the EDP version is a bit smoother and lasts and projects as long as the EDT.
Having said that, I'm sad to say that I agree with the review below from "ian-in-osaka" and my bottle is also from 2021 (IF04 batch code). The smell is a bit smoother than the EDT version (although I don't mind the potent/metalic EDT start), but the first time I wore the EDP I could barely get 30 min performance. The second time I wore it, I oversprayed myself and my clothes and I got less than 1 hour performance.
Similarly to ian-in-osaka, I thought that maybe I was going noseblind due to some note of the fragrance and I decided to perform a final test: I sprayed a t-shirt and left it in a closed room. After 20 minutes or so, I entered the room and I could smell the fragrance, but after something like 45 minutes, it wasn't possible to smell it in the room (again: in a closed room and relatively low temperature). I had to get my nose close to the t-shirt to smell it, which doesn't make sense at all.
The reason why I give sauvage edp a thumbs down (at least for this batch produced in june 2021) is because the bottle is more expensive than the EDT and I just find it unnaceptable for the fragrance to last less than 2 hours. I swear that I can get 8+ hours performance with good sillage even from L'homme from YSL (the original one) and Versace pour homme. Both of these fragrances could be regarded beast mode fragrances compared to my sauvage EDP bottle.
If Dior releases a new batch with better performance I could reconsider my rating, but right now it's impossible to give any other rating. Impossible to recommend it as it is.
17th May 2022
While I like the scent of Sauvage EDP, the main reason for the thumbs down is for the abysmal performance.

I realise some people get excellent performance with Sauvage EDP so it must be down to my batch, which is December 2021.

When I say abysmal, I mean the scent is non-existent after 4 sprays 90 minutes later. To be sure it wasn't nose blindness, I asked two other people who also said they couldn't smell anything. Sounds hard to believe, I know, but this batch is terrible.

And just for comparison, I wore 4 sprays of Armaf Club De Nuit Milestone EDP the other day, and 8 hours later I went downstairs in our building to check the mail (we live on the 4th floor) and my wife got home and said she could smell me/CDNM downstairs at mailboxes and in the elevator... 😯

So while I don't expect that level of performance from Sauvage EDP, after paying full price direct from Dior, I did expect more than 90 mins. So if you're thinking of getting Sauvage EDP, I'd avoid December 2021 (1M03).
9th April 2022
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