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    • Bergamot, Ambroxan, Geranium, Pepper, Lavender, Vetiver, Patchouli

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Dior at their worst, copying a trend and not trying anything new. Its sharp, metallic, has a synthetic fake smelling bergamote at the opening. Not even the bottle is original, nor the name, nor the font on the bottle...this is a shame, creatively speaking. Dior at their lowest, this is the moment they sold their soul.
6th July 2023
Maybe this smells like heaven while you’re wearing it? Maybe the majority of the general population has really bad taste in cologne? Wait, I know what it is… marketing!

Look at Bud Light. Horrible beer. No matter how much food you eat or water you drink, Bud Light is certain to leave you with a gnarly ass hangover. It’s marketed so well that it’s the #1 selling beer in the whole wide world, every single year. Same concept with Sauvage.

I’m sorry guys, but this is one obnoxious odor. It’s annoying as fuck to be around and fills large rooms. I’m instantly in a bad mood whenever I’m forced to endure the smog of Sauvage which is probably about once a month, sometimes more. And it lingers for ages like hot, raunchy protein farts.

To my nose, and gut, Sauvage is a nuke of lavander Fabuloso brand floor cleaner, moldy, wet patchouli, an absolute overkill of ambroxan, 40 grit sandpaper destroying your mucous membranes (I’m looking at you Iso E Super, you lazy piece of shit!) and something that reeks of rotting sea weed. It literally turns my stomach inside out. Also, I firmly believe that the wearer is oblivious to the sheer power of Sauvage. Easily 20, 30 foot sillage.

From an outside nose and as a whole, this lab concocted toxic waste belongs in a mop bucket. It gives me the impression that the person wearing it has generously doused themselves with lavender flavored floor cleaner. GENEROUSLY doused themselves. Fuck this cologne to hell where it belongs. Infinity thumbs down x2!
18th April 2023

I wish I could understand why this is so popular. Nasty, sharp chemical soup. This style of fragrance is completely uninspired but there are at least better versions of it - Prada Carbon, Bleu de Chanel EdP... Sauvage is just disgusting, headache-inducing and nasty.
6th March 2023
Dior Sauvage EDT is a modern masterpiece that dominates the market as a fragrance for every occasion except frigid winters. The pink pepper, citrus, musks, and beautiful masculine floral are projected into the air by a beautiful ambroxan. We live in a time where IFRA laws require sprays to be weaker, but the chemists behind Sauvage painstakingly found a way to make a beast mode all season fragrance that shines in 40⁰C and 4⁰C weather. A common consensus nowadays is that you need 2 fragrances: 1 hot weather and 1 cool weather, and optionally a third fragrance for dates. While I disagree that Sauvage EDT can be the only fragrance you own, it definitely is at the top of the list of things to get your nose on. I won't go into discussion about best winter fragrances here (besides I prefer sitting in the warm indoors), but Wanted Parfum is the best and I even picked up a bottle myself.

In terms of other formulations, the EDP is very boring and doesn't project, and the Parfum is nasty. Some people go gaga for Elixir, but it's just the Parfum with Drakkar Noir in the drydown. Don't waste time researching which to buy - the tried and true original is definitely the best.

I have smelled 100s of fragrances and been in fragcomm for at least 10 years now causing trouble at Macy's and Sephora. Like me, you may be tempted to pass over a best seller searching for a hidden gem but may yourself digging a bottomless pit. JVAP is pushed as an alternative, but neroli to women makes them think of baby wipes and diapers which nullifies the fact it's a beautiful green fragrance. The other fragrance that comes to mind is Hawas, but nowadays that's hard to find in stock and you can't pick that up anywhere to test it on skin. Aventus is hilariously overpriced, but CDNIM EDP is the same and wonderful but the smokey accord makes it too heavy in scorching weather. Light Blue (and flankers) and Milestone have a salty accord that women always detect as sweaty armpits - don't even get me started on eau intense (barf). Chanel... sues to keep prices inflated for lame fragrances, the worst being Bleu EDT that dries down to ashtray smell. Okay, Sauvage may get the criticism that it's boring, but a margarita pizza with carbonated water is also boring and delicious. I was shocked to see another reviewer compare this to Swiss Army EDT - in fact, I was considering buying a bottle after loving it about a decade ago when it was sold in Kohl's. I can't quite put my finger on why they're so similar beyond they fact they're both mass appealing and loved by men and women.

Review revised 19 April, 2023 after spraying on 20 sprays of Sauvage EDT at Macy's.
22nd February 2023
Dior Sauvage EDT (sample) -

I have more tattoos than Johnny (play guitar too). I can definitely hear it, but this frag just doesn’t speak to me.

If you were transcribing the notes onto a lead sheet, it would definitely be SAUVAGE# (forte) - sharp and loud!

That’s cool. That is what this is supposed to be, so please, crank it and rock on.

2.5 / 5 stars

25th January 2023
A young crowd pleasure that has the personality of a gold fish. Overly marketed and sickly garbage. Sweetness that is beyond sickly. Pass
24th June 2022
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