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Sauvage by Christian Dior

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Sauvage is a men's fragrance launched in 2015 by Christian Dior

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Reviews of Sauvage by Christian Dior

There are 123 reviews of Sauvage by Christian Dior.

There is enough written about the fragrance DNA and profile by people far better at it than me, so I'll avoid describing the scent and note breakdown.

What I will say is that I completely agree with Alex Krycek in his review in that sometimes I think this is a masterpiece, but other times, and I'll quote Alex as he summarised it perfectly, "it smells like a glorified Axe body wash".

It's interesting because I don't really get this with other fragrances, if I like something, I usually like it the next day too! But there's something about Sauvage that has me thinking it's wonderful one day, to thinking it smells like a spray-on deodorant I would have used in high school.

But I give a thumbs up because I enjoy it more than I don't, and there some whiffs I get that I really like.

Also, even though it's often labelled as a mass-appealing fragrance and its revenue numbers point to a lot of people liking it, my wife really doesn't like it.. so don't bank on it being a definite crowd-pleaser.

Wow, some of the bad reviews are vile and hateful, even insulting people who like to wear it.

I started off with the „very cool spray“ of Sauvage and loved it right away. After I could not get hold of the follow-up bottle I switched to the EDT which is a bit more main stream but I really love to wear it as well. Still looking out for the „very cool spray“.

The opening is a beautiful uplifting bergamot, and this is what lures people in. I'll wear this before I go to sleep, because I fall asleep before it hits the mid or base, which I find incredibly boring, abrasive, and unnatural.

There are already enough reviews so I won't make this one short.

In short, I love the Dior Sauvage line for their opening, but I will never purchased a full bottle. There are better alternatives and "dumb reach" fragrances.

No matter what . I thoroughly enjoy the Sauvauge EDT. Smells wonderful and garners a lot of compliments. Absolutely love the sharp Peppery Blast up top.

Lasts 12 plus hours on me. What more can one ask.

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Synthetic blast of headache inducing modernity.

If this is the future of Dior, count me out.

If you wear this in public, kindly limit yourself to one spray. Trust me, it's PLENTY. I can smell the chemtrail from 2 grocery isles over.

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