Saringkarn (ศฤงคาร) 
Prin (2020)

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About Saringkarn (ศฤงคาร) by Prin

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Prin Lomros

Inspired by classical Thai literature and its language of love.

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Reviews of Saringkarn (ศฤงคาร) by Prin

There are 3 reviews of Saringkarn (ศฤงคาร) by Prin.

This is a Love. It is like when you search and search and finally found what you are looking for. It is a dense and complex fragrance with notes ranging from florals such as rose and champaca to fruity plum to leather and tobacco and woods and oakmoss. Everything blended to perfection. It is also long-lasting and easy to wear even with oud since it is blended in balanced way.
Apr 19, 2021

Saringkarn has a lot going on. One belief I impress upon my sons as they come of age is that, going forward, their father and I must live in their future rather than they live in our past. Prin Lomros is someone I see building a different path forward. Saringkarn is a listening session for me, a dusky swirl that doesn't always translate to smooth composure. But that comes across as by intention for the right wearer most likely younger with different tastes looking towards an engaging future instead of a serene retreat.
Apr 12, 2021

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