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Folkwinds (2022)

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Santi Ana by Folkwinds

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Santi Ana is a shared scent launched in 2022 by Folkwinds

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Reviews of Santi Ana by Folkwinds

There are 3 reviews of Santi Ana by Folkwinds.

Before testing, Santi Ana was probably my least anticipated of the FW trio. The note list seemed nice enough, I imagined a semi autumnal brownish blend of apple cider and haybales and a generally agrestic, rural aura reminiscent of the country side. This was certainly the case, but I was immediately impressed by the blending. This is an instance of the sum being greater than the parts, not to say that the parts are anything to scoff at (in fact, the parts here are perfectly selected and beautifully natural), but the blending and development of this is nothing short of fantastic.

I seem to recall Jono referencing SA being an attempt to capture leaves turning in fall, and that’s absolutely what I get out of this. The minty green opening slowly settles into an ambery propolis and dry hay bale with little slivers of honeysuckle and apple along the way. It’s an absolute crowd pleaser, and despite reminding me of a spiritual cousin to something like Slumberhouse Kiste, this is entirely original and stylistically unique. This is my favorite by a long shot, and a full bottle is in my future certainly.

Santi Ana is a very earthy green fragrance. At the top I get almost sour greeness. I don't know what it is on skin but it might be the honeysuckle and the hay mixing together. In the air I get a wonderful apple cider mixing with some greens and rose. I don't yet get the rose on skin though. On skin this goes almost directly to a chypre on me with the mossy base really coming through and I think the apple cider/ambergris absolutes, though the hay note stays for quite a while. The apple cider in the base is very well done here with a hint of sweetness but I really get the apple with nothing artifical smelling about it. After about 2 hours the scent settles into more of a melange of spices with some of the apple still present. Here the scent reminds me of a fall market where you walk along and smell the spices, sweet treats, and mulled cider all wafting through the air. The fragrance sits in this sweet spot for a few more hours. The far dry down is more woody with the sandlewood and ambergris being most prominent on me.

The more I wear this the more I like it. I actually think it might be the most unique of the three fragrances, though American Pharoah is still my favorite. This was the one that I thought would be my least favorite based solely on the notes, but it ended up being my second favorite of the line.

I have found that all three fragrances from Jono are extremely well thought out and constructed. The fragrances really all have a definite sense of place, style, and showcase an emerging talent that is definetly one to watch. Can't wait for what the future holds.

Early impressions for Santi Ana,
Starts off very green-like, kind-of-reminiscent of maybe green Irish tweed perhaps, is this the apple and mint and honeysuckle mixed together??? It's nice, but then moves to the mid and changes drastically on me, and wow is this freaking good! I am getting fruit with spices and maybe some sandalwood, this smells like a farmers market in New England. Nothing smells redundant here, and I'm not really drawing similarities to anything else that I have. A wonderful job of blending is evident here guys. Full bottle ordered to complete the collection for me.

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