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Santal Sky is a remarkable fragrance with serene, irreverent vibes intimately bound to the city's beat with earthy vibrancy. Olfactive Harmony: Woody-Spicy. Notes: Sandalwood-Cardamom-Saffron-Vetiver. Premium 20% Concentration.

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There are 2 reviews of Santal Sky / Santal Park by KIERIN NYC.

This is an interesting sandalwood-based scent that makes a decent attempt at bolting on two other distinct notes: saffron and vetiver. The first connects at the top through its lack of edges and inherent woodiness; the second, at the drydown, adds a fresh textural feeling that sandalwood sometimes lacks.

For this scent to have been fully effective in my eyes, it needed more contribution from the vetiver. As it stands, it is straightforwardly a fairly linear sandalwood scent. But it's pleasant, so it passes that test, and would find use as an office-friendly masculine that dispenses with the usual citrus. 13/05/21 update.
Mar 7, 2021

This is such a smooth fragrance at a very reasonable price point given the quality, I get a very well done sandlewood with a pinch of cardamon and vetiver that almost gives it a leathery feel, reminds me slightly of TF ombre leather with a good dose of sandlewood running through it, it may be advertised as unisex but I find this composition masculine but not aggresive, instead he's smart and well put together. I could really see this being a fantastic work fragrance for the office, it has an approachable feel but remains professional and well put together.
Jul 3, 2019

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