Santal des Indes fragrance notes

  • Head

    • absinthe, fresh incense accord
  • Heart

    • curry leaf, chinese cedarwood, narcissus absolute, turkish rose absolute
  • Base

    • mysore sandalwood, moroccan leather, musk, vetiver

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I am initially in agreement with Gimmegreen on this arguably pleasant showergel flavoured scent.
Mysore Sandalwood?
Perhaps this Aromachemical is designed for a soap manufacturer, assembled in Asia, bottled In India, shipped to the U.S.A finally labeled Made in USA to have it meet tariff regs.
It's theme is a softer edged Guerlain Songe d'un Bois d'Ete with a finish reminiscent to that of Amouage Jubilation. A relentless one dimension of Blond Tobacco. In the end a headache inducing, heartburn aggravant that dulls my brain.
13th November 2019
Refreshing and cool, Santal des Indes comes on like a woody shower gel before slowly warming up. Well-constructed, this is in the line of numerous lightly spiced, gently sweet, woody ‘masculines', rather than a sandalwood show stopper. Indeed were I to test this blind, I doubt my thoughts would alight on that noble wood. The wood note here is mainly cedar, clean and sweet, coupled with light smoky incense, soapy cardamom and a backing chorus of woody aromachemicals. It has a bit of musky propulsion and ultimately becomes one of those thoroughly-blended-but-variegated spicy-woody concoctions aimed squarely at median man. No matter – it's a polished effort, just not terribly exciting when you've encountered numerous minuscule variations on this theme already.
9th November 2018