Santal Austral 
Matière Première (2019)

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Santal Austral by Matière Première

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Santal Austral is a shared scent launched in 2019 by Matière Première

Reviews of Santal Austral by Matière Première

There are 3 reviews of Santal Austral by Matière Première.

This stinker is an insult to the nose and to the wallet. Like the cheapest colognes made with the cheapest aromachemicals it gives you that unpleasant fuzzy sensation. Sandalwood? There is none! I'm not exaggerating when I say that every antiperspirant smells better than this crap.

Overall I really like this. It’s starts with a heavy dose of aroma chemicals, but then sorts with iris and eventually creamy sandalwood. Great longevity and projection. Completely unisex and worth the money IMHO

The sandalwood (or more probably the woody accord used, similar to the one of Wonderwood, that CdG has the honesty to disclose) is detectable in the opening, possibly with a drop of the poor quality Australian sandalwood (but at least, it does not deceipt the expectations given by the name of this fragrance). Unfortunately, it quickly morph into milky/fruity (fig?) territory, with a quite sweet tonka/vanilla base that makes this fragrance belong to the amber category, more so than woody.
The price tags navigates in the same waters as sandalwood masterpieces like MPG Santal Noble and Profvmvm Santalum, and makes the result quite laughable if one is looking for sandalwood. That said, seen as a milky/fruity/powdery/spicy amber fragrance, it might tick the boxes for some, but keep in minds that it leans quite feminine (it seems the case for most of this line). Comparisons with VC&A Ambre Imperial makes sense, in view of the overall sweetness, further confirming its 'amber fragrance' status.
Unless one finds it hardly discounted, I sincerely think that there are plenty of better options around.
Hard pass for me.

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