Santa Fe for Men fragrance notes

    • vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli

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Sagebrush Obsession
Your dry wood, hazy smoke and
Spicy cool Brut breeze

Make me happy that
Cowboys appropriated
French perfumery

Or some such story
Explaining storybook juice
In cheap-ass bottle

With clay pot texture
In Obsession Sprayer Brown
Your feel-trigger skin

Oldest chromed plastic
In the Western Hemisphere
Your pueblo sky-hat

You localized Brut
With good localization
And not so much Brut

Helping this cowboy
Remember enchantment by
Silver jewelry

Skies in Turquoise Blue
Navajo Galaxy rugs
Kachina doll eyes

Back-seat travels through
Dry wood, hazy smoke, clay pots
Some such story of

Purifying some youth by
Sagebrush Impression.
16th May 2018
I am wearing the vintage by Shulton/Tsumara. It is all about cinnamon, nutmeg and spice. There is no vanilla to be found. It is not like Obsession at all other than being a spicy oriental from the 80s. If you like Fahrenheit, you should like this vintage. I wear Fahrenheit too. This is spicier but also smokey.
15th March 2018

This was in my wardrobe when I was a young boy. I bought Allure Homme a few years ago, partly because it reminded me of this during the initial opening. Santa Fe, at least in 1992, had a zesty sugar element to it. That's the only way I can describe it, since my remembrance of it does not connect to the specific spices. I can see how it is somewhat reminiscent of cinnamon, though.
29th October 2015
I seem to remember this being a poor man's CK Obsession. However, when I recently got some samples of Bond No 9 Cooper Square, I KNEW I had smelled it before and couldn't place it. It was definitely 80s. I got the Cooper Square because it was said(here, no less) to smell very similar to original Calvin in the blue bottle(RIP). But that wasn't it. It smelled spot on like Santa Fe, or at least my memory of Santa Fe. This did not make me want a full bottle of Cooper Square, but I am now looking for a cheap Santa Fe.
11th August 2014
Alcohol laden opening quickly cools into a vanilla, cinnamon spiced nutmeg fragrance that relies heavily on the vanilla. Certainly does take liberal inspiration from Caron's Third Man and lesser so from Calvin Klein's Obsession but it does seem to dig deeper into 1970's mandarin, powder and spice giants like Lagerfeld for its inspiration.
Santa Fe is certainly not a head-turner and is dangerously close to cloying and may not work for some skin chemistries. I wouldn't suggest it for a night out or a clutch evening when an impression can go a long way. It lacks the complexity of its influences but it is a decent, casual scent with excellent value given the somewhat organic smelling elements and low price. Still, the blending itself does imply a certain cheapness but that can easily be overlooked given Santa Fe's lack of pretension.
Santa Fe doesn't evolve too dramatically, moving towards a linear vanilla and powder bomb five minutes into the initial application. It sticks around fairly long for its price, with 4-6 hours not uncommon. Projection is not overwhelming, but it certainly is detectable and doesn't seem to slip into the realm of skin scent until midway through the drydown.
A pleasing enough scent for those who enjoy vanilla and a little bit of spice that should only be used sporadically, as this one can be very cloying. For the price fairly enjoyable and worth the investment as a change-up in an already loaded arsenal. Nothing exceptional, but for those on a budget a tremendous bargain. Simple and a bit too powdery to work as a signature scent.
2nd January 2012
I wouldn't so much consider Santa Fe for Men a clone of The Third Man. It's more like a cruder Obsession for Men/Tiffany for Men with its powdery florals, cinnamon and vanilla. For under 10 dollars, and even under 5 at some big-name discounters here in the U.S., it's not bad. As an Eau de Cologne, it lasts 4 to 5 hours on my skin. The bottle is awkward and has an uncomfortable texture like pottery made in art class before it's been glazed.
5th January 2011
I remember sampling Santa Fe back when it was first available, and it struck me as an imitation of Obsession For Men more than Caron's Third Man (or Troxieme Homme, to be more precise). Not bad for a drugstore fragrance, but not nearly as good as Obsession, as it only captured the more obvious notes. The packaging and design was quite good, but I think somebody just decided that because Southwestern design motifs were fashionable, they would use the name and design. It doesn't really conjure up the Southwest for me at all --- a true "Santa Fe" fragrance ought to have some pinon, juniper and smoky notes in it, as well as spicy and wood notes. I'll give it a thumbs up because the fragrance itself is nicely balanced for what it is.
11th March 2010
Vanilla. Powder and Vanilla. I put this on, and this is absolutely all I get out of this one on my skin. Lots of Vanilla with a tad of powder on the drydown. Someone mentioned Sandalwood? Can't smell it on my skin. I don't mind Vanilla or Powder. Just seems overly simple.
8th March 2010
Smells somewhat like body odor mixed with cinnamon. Sante Fe is a good choice if you can't afford Desire, they're in the same category.
1st March 2010
Where better to buy Santa Fe (for $3!) than the Big Lots in Santa Fe? I couldn't resist, having remembered good reviews. I'm glad I did's one of the best cheapies I've ever gotten. I'll agree with comparisons to the 3rd Man, Obsession, or maybe Egoiste...a sweet spicy scent with medium-dark creamy woods. Plus cinammon and cloves (?) without the sharpness. They call it a Cologne but it lasts easily as well as any EdT. Philosophically, the main thing I notice about it is that there's nothing obtrusively bad about it...not too much sweetness (though it is sweet!), sourness, metal, smoke, or anything in particular, which in and of itself is a victory, even if the scent isn't revolutionary. A lack of these conspicuous excesses is something that I value even in a very dull, standard scent, and can be especially hard to find in a cheapie. The cap is awkward though: the hole-plugging rod is a second plastic piece attached into the bay of the cap, like the old version of Chaps. It's very loose when you pull it out, and the second piece can start to slide out from the main piece. Time will tell how well it seals, but it's a low-risk investment! Go get some!
17th January 2010
Hey! I forgot I used to own this. You know, for the money it's better than Ferrari Black. If it's a clone of The 3rd Man, it's more wearable.
5th August 2009
Starts off smelling like rubbing alcohol on me. Sillage is quite strong and later changes to an ok at best, scent. What made it worse was that I spilled it on the floor and my god, it smelled very very cloying. I don't recommend you try this. Bottle feels and looks cheap, no surprise that the scent is too!
3rd January 2009