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Sandalwood by Taylor of Old Bond Street

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Sandalwood is a men's fragrance by Taylor of Old Bond Street

Reviews of Sandalwood by Taylor of Old Bond Street

There are 19 reviews of Sandalwood by Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Now this is a old school traditional fougere fragrance from the Cary Grant school of gentlemen. There are not many of us left in the world.

After you have splashed this on as it does not come with a atomiser. You will be greeted by a fresh soapy mix of rosemary, geranium and lavender. It is very soapy and herbal but it radiates off your skin very nicely. Giving you that clean feeling that you have shaved and are ready to meet the world.

As it dries down you get a slightly spicy powdery sandalwood until it fades. Longevity for me was about three to four hours which is what I expect from a cologne concentration.

All in all a very nice soapy dapper scent for a gentleman who likes to feel clean but does not want his fragrance to make any kind of statement.

Wet-shave fans may be familiar with Taylor of Bond Street, a British men's grooming brand founded in 1854. Perhaps a favorite of their colognes is this Luxury Sandalwood Cologne; not necessarily luxury as the name would suggest, but nonetheless a reliable and delightful experience. It starts off bright, bracing, and aromatic, with a classical accord of rosemary, lavender, and geranium.

However, we have lovely powdery sandalwood not long after, hugging the skin for a good amount of time, with almost incense-like undertones. It feels so very nostalgic to me, somehow reminding me of Cape Cod, antique shops, rainy days in New England, reclining and reading a good book, days when my face wasn't so full of scruff and so heavily mustached as it is today. I think back to a time where it didn't take too much for me to feel 'fancy' and maybe I wasn't so cynical.

Rumor has it that the matching soap is quite lovely as well...

I have no idea why this isn't talked about more. Absolutely amazing. Powdery texture with woods and a shaving cream vibe. Simple and classic.

Super classic and common (concoctions from Floris, Penhaligon's or Santa Maria Novella jump more than vaguely on mind). Luxury Sandalwood Cologne is a spicy hesperidic glorious "old-british in tradition" (musky-powdery) sandalwood of the Empire, something in the middle between Guerlain Habit Rouge, Santa Maria Novella Vetiver, Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet, Sandalwood Floris and Aramis JHL. Sandalwood's musky powder is supreme, just supported by a fresh vetiver-lavender's accord, labdanum, citrus, a classic rose-geranium old school chord and spices. I agree with rbaker about the Tam Dao's sort of "feeling" but quite disagree about duration since this juice on my skin is like a meteor. A pity for a quite evanescent duration on skin.

I like much of Taylor of Old Bondstreet after shave gel for its quite strong scent and and lasting power. But this cologne was disappointment : It is much lighter scent and lasting power is very weak.

I started DE shaving and fell in love with the scent it.I see why some rag this as old man smelling. But I for one like the old fashioned manly smelling colognes. This stuff smells like Winston Churchill. I'd say somewhat akin to Burberry Brit . I really like it.Pros: Masculine. Spicy. Clean. Smells like a good father.Cons: Dissipates quick

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