Art of Shaving (2004)

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Sandalwood by Art of Shaving

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Sandalwood is a men's fragrance launched in 2004 by Art of Shaving

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Reviews of Sandalwood by Art of Shaving

There are 36 reviews of Sandalwood by Art of Shaving.

This scent was one of my favorites. I can't believe they did away with this scent. I thought the bottle was top notch. I really hope they reconsider this move.

Not a long-lasting scent on me, but nonetheless....

Sandalwood by Art of Shaving feels clean, exotic, definitely woody and spicy as true Mysore sandalwood would be. It is a great post-shaving fragrance, which actually helps to extend the longevity a bit.

In my opinion, the aftershave balm has a nicer sandalwood note. This scent barely registered on my skin.

Love this fragrance! The opening is like walking through a pine forest during winter. Wintergreen is the accord, but not sweet wintergreen (gum). This is more of an herbal/medicinal wintergreen that adds a cooling effect. After theopening it's all about the creamy sandalwood. The dry down reminds me of Pal Zileri Santorial. Excellent quality fragrance that's sadly been discontinued.

Really great sandalwood! A real surprise as I had been given a gift sample of the shave cream several years ago. Read about the fragrance on Basenotes and stopped into my local retailer who happened to carry it. Generous sales agent provided two 3 ml samples.

It's light on the opening but after 30 minutes I got this wonderful creamy sandalwood that seems to have a hint of juniper lingering but perhaps that's the myrrh. It's not a huge projector, but I could smell it faintly for next to 10 hours. If you like soft deep sandalwood, you'll love this.

Great fragrance; reminds me of Etro's 'Sandelo The' however, more versatile, with great projection and sillage. A great fragrance to have in your wardrobe!!!! The Art of Shaving did an outstanding job of capturing sandalwood in this fragrance!!!!

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