Sandalo Per Teti 
Laura Tonatto (2000)

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There are 9 reviews of Sandalo Per Teti by Laura Tonatto.

Sandalo per Teti opens with a slightly bracing blast of tea infused lavender, backed up by a slowly rising force of citrus. It's a bit sharp the first few minutes, but gradually recedes into a nice balancing act involving these topnotes. It almost feels like citric peel is giving this an edginess and a shadowy illusion of spice.

The sandal implemented here isn't austere by any means, nor is it assertive. The lavender accents it just enough to warrant a very subtle, creamy quality; albeit at a low volume. The base accord is simply the heart at a lower volume and presence. Suffice it to say that I experience 2 stages of development.

Within 20 minutes after a healthy application, Sandalo per Teti has receded into a personal space scent, but still full smelling. It has the potential for being a comfort fragrance for sandalwood aficionados and would probably perform well in close quarters for those who are mindful of where they wear scent and what genre is acceptable. Sillage is moderate at best, with longevity approximately 5 hours max on my skin.

Thumbs up from SS for Tonatto's Sandalo per Teti
Feb 18, 2015

What opnes with a pleasant, sort of unsweetened, lemon-black tea accord, morphes after a while into a solid and well rounded woody-sandalwood with just a tad of sweetness. Probably not earth-shaking but incredibly delightful nonetheless.

Perfectly unisex.
Jan 13, 2013

I am still not a very good "nose", but Sandalo per Teti deserves my first review. This scent is something wonderful on my skin and it lasts really for many many hours. Very good job Miss Tonatto!
Aug 31, 2012

Tonatto is truly a gifted perfumer and it shows in Sandalo per Teti's impressive equilibrium. The citrus is present and in fact persistent, but not sharp, the sandalwood is warm and distinctive, but never feels obnoxiously synthetic, tea and lavender blend in perfectly with hesperides, woods, and very restrained hints of vanillic sweetness. The result is an amazingly elegant cold-weather fragrance with perhaps slightly less panache, but also much greater discretion than Chanel's Egoiste. Highly recommended, as is the entire line.
Feb 22, 2011

I like this and think it definitely unique, though citrusy scents do not work well with my chemistry. It also smells too masculine on me....animal masculine. Somewhat like my hubby's sweat (in a GOOD way). That's why I like it, but not on me! I'll have him try it!
Mar 21, 2009

I am a huge sandalwood fan, so I liked this one immediately. The tea is prominent, but is read by my nose as a sort of rich, tobacco-y accord. This is a warm, friendly, and somewhat elegant day fragrance, great in cold weather. It's got spiced citrus and a sweet vanillic quality, but this is cut by the astringency of the tea. The sandalwood is a mellow one. Wearing it, I was flooded by the feeling that I know this fragrance well, but I have never worn it before... then it HIT me: Sandalo per Teti reminds me of my first serious boyfriend's Pierre Cardin (okay -- it was 1983, cut me some slack!). Does anyone else get the connection?
Nov 24, 2008

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