Sandalo e The fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Tea leaf, Cumin, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Lavender
  • Heart

    • Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Cedarwood, Patchouli
  • Base

    • myrrh, Tobacco leaf, Sandalwood

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Latest Reviews of Sandalo e The

Could be One Man Show Gold by Bogart
23rd April 2017
Genre: Woody Oriental

At first this is exactly what the label says: sandalwood and spiced black tea, sweetened by orange blossom and vanillic notes. The accord is just a bit too determinedly woody to make Sandalo e The a gourmand fragrance, but it does have a certain luscious, creamy olfactory texture. Bois 1920 celebrates the mystical, exotic side of sandalwood by setting it on a thick, honeyed oriental foundation.

An hour or so into its evolution and the tea has abandoned Sandalo e The to reveal a potent, sticky, raisiny dried fruit note and a great deal of powdery amber. These notes increase in intensity until they all but blot out the woody accord. The result is a spiced holiday fruit cake smell not too far removed from Serge Lutens's Arabie. At this point I start to find the fragrance syrupy, cloying, and unbalanced in its sweetness. This fruitcake accord continues for a couple of more hours before it diminishes enough to re-expose the floral notes and sandalwood. The composition is much better off for its revived sense of balance, but remains sweeter and more powdery than it was earlier. The extended drydown features extremely powdery, vanillic woods and amber.

In my opinion Sandalo e The is an odd duck. It starts out as a distinctive and compelling scent, but quickly discards its more distinguishing notes. (The very notes, in fact, that it is named for!) It then spends most of its life in a state of extreme imbalance before drying down back into something more composed and wearable. Fans of the sweetest Sheldrake/Lutens fragrances will probably appreciate Sandalo e The, but I'm not willing to endure its ooey-gooey Middle Eastern dessert of a heart just to enjoy the lovely first half hour.
2nd July 2014

Pleasant, light, really elegant and understated. A nice, delicate, sweet and bright accord of citrus and woods on a powdery base, which slowly gets drier and darker still keeping it light (I know it is apparently contradictory, but still...). If you want to keep the Florentine reference: a sunny spring afternoon in a Florentine garden. Fairly overpriced and really close to skin, though.

10th March 2014
Love at first breath. This opens like a Louis Armstrong song; raspy, deep, and powerful. The caraway,lavender, and rosemary nearly overwhelm, but then the citrus and rose accords start to assert themselves.
Just after the top notes start to harmonize, the woody aromatics begin to rise up, ever so slowly: a mild growl of an Armstrong riff. The tender sweet lilt of patchouli sustains an exotic rythym as the florals start to swing. The cedar, myrhh, and tea fuse like a jazz trio of bass, sax, and piano, creating an elegant balance where none outshines the other.
This scent turns sleepy, and then suddenly rises up, the same way that good music swells and surges, keeping in time to your own heat and beat. Hours later, when the lights are low, you can still smell the warm, deep, essence of the basenotes, and vaguely hear that Armstrong "yeah!!".
16th September 2011
Sandalo e The opens with a sweet-citrusy-the accord that is not so impressive. The Sandalwood note is very efemeral and shows up after half an hour or so. In the drydown the whole scent gets woody and somehow sweeter. Overall ithis is an ok perfume but after the good suprise I had with Bois 1920 Extreme this one is a bit disappointing. Nothing special and quite expensive.
1st April 2011
After having read all of the reviews, I thought that I should try this fragrance for myself. So, I bought a sample from and I must say after recieving my sample.......I enjoy this fragrance a great deal. Yes, depending on your taste of scent you may initially receive a different reaction at first wiff, but let it dry down and man is this fragrance amazing!!!! Again, try it for yourself before you make a finally conclusion. I am so glad I purcahsed this even after reading all the reviews.
17th December 2010
Very interesting development-- starts with tea and sandalwood but the tea leaves quickly and is replaced by the flowers jasmine and Bulgarian rose. The former stronger than the latter. A very creamy fragrance sweet with the lingering spice of the sandalwood. Projects well and is lasting. I don't get cumin or sweat at all. Just jasmine tea with some spice thrown in to balance it out. An ok scent . I want to like this more because of the jasmine but I guess it's just not my cup of The.
2nd September 2010
Opening: fruity citrusy tea. Brisk and strongMiddle: Ah there's the sandalwood... wait it's going away to form something else...Drydown: sweat. Dry, fruity sweat.Overall the experience with this fragrance is a hot summer, sunny day, working outside and forgetting to shower just before heading out to meet some friends. you ask one of them if they have any deodorant but they hand you some fragrance sample they happen to have and you verily spray it on hoping to mask your day's work from earlier.I usually refrain from referring to others' reviews but Vibert's mention of raisins is pretty much a good description. A dried fruit I despise.
15th May 2010
I like the opening, with its herbal citrus tea notes, and and the move to more floral middle, but neither of them lasts very long on my skin. After about an hour, it moves to more or less sandalwood, with very little tea or anything else. This lasts well, and is pleasant enough, but is nothing particularly special.
4th May 2010
A flawed and rather monotonous take on the sandalwood theme. The opening promises a great deal, its subtle infusion of herbs and tea creating a lightly bitter, yet engaging accord. An emerging sandalwood presence quickly becomes potent, but not excessively dominant. As the fragrance enters the middle phase, a pleasing accord similar to walnut is created. Sadly, it represents the last vestiges of interest within Sandalo e The. Any floral effects are rather swamped by a heavy and resinous base. Regrettably, there is little in the latter stages to really warm to, and as a whole, this flatters to deceive.
16th March 2010
I adore Sandalo e The' by Bois 1920. This fragrance doesn't seem to get rave reviews, and I can only suppose it is because of the mystery of skin chemistry. To my nose, and on my skin, it is lovely. Sandalo e The' opens with a bright burst of citrus and herbs that has a sort of "mediterranean" vibe going on. After the bright beginning, the concoction begins to deepen and I am surrounded by a creamy sandalwood, the richness of a brewed cup of tea, all sitting on a luscious heady-sweet-woody base.
Sandalo e The is both fresh and rich/round. It is a fragrance that wears well in cold weather because of the sandalwood, and yet I think it will be equally as lovely in warmer weather because of the bright opening.

I'm quite surprised by the mediocre reviews for this creation by Enzo Galardi. Bois 1920 makes well-crafted scents, and a couple of them are amazing stand-outs: Real Patchouly (a gorgeous patchouly/amber/vanilla), and Sushi Imperale.

As always, it is important to try a sample of a fragrance before dismissing it. I'm glad I went that route, because my generous sample induced me to buy a Full Bottle.
4th February 2010
Bois 1920 Sanadalo e TheWhat to do with the scent that doesn't do what you think it should do. I like the House, as Real Patchouly from Bois 1920 is a beautiful meditation on patchouli. Enzo Galardi has shown a deft hand using a few notes to create subtle interactions as in Sushi Imperiale. So when faced with the 2005 release Sandalo e The I think "yum sandalwood and tea should be great". Instead I am sadly underwhelmed. The quality ingredients are there, the perfumer is there; the sum of the parts just never add up to a coherent whole for me.The top of Sandalo e The begins with a floral accord of rose and jasmine along with a slight herbal accord. This only lasts a minute before the tea and sandalwood come into the mix. This opening phase is the best part of Sandalo e The and if it somehow could have remained this balanced mix of woody rose and tea I would have loved it. Instead the sandalwood gets out of balance and really takes over everything with the tea attempting to try and get back into the game from time to time. This makes the drydown almost annoying as I want to enjoy both of the titutlar notes and I really am only getting the sandalo at this point. If I want a great sandalwood drydown I'll turn to Burberry London for Men for a great example of how to do that.Sandalo e The has excellent longevity and sillage.I really like the idea of sandalwood and tea as complementary notes that can carry a fragrance. Unfortunately Sandalo e The is not the fragrance I'm looking for.
11th December 2009