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Sandalo by Etro

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Sandalo is a shared scent launched in 1989 by Etro

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Reviews of Sandalo by Etro

There are 29 reviews of Sandalo by Etro.

A really great take on sandalwood. It reminds me of my personal favorite sandalwood Santal Noble - opulent sawdust surrounded by wisps of chypre tones and sweet amber, but while Santal Noble puts the focus squarely on the sandalwood, Sandalo mixes the same ingredients differently, such that the supporting players (bitter chypre greens and sweet amber incense) are more forward. I've really enjoyed this.

From the starting moment I am getting a soft, elegant sandalwood note that is intermingled with orange and a soft rose. In the drydown it turns more floral; the rose is complemented by geranium, remining me of the scents of my childhood. Later a very gentle amber/patchouli note with vanilla forms a gradually fading base. The sandal is always embedded in the orchestra of the other scents and never is a solo performer. Beautifully blended of high-quality ingredients, with decent silage and projection; total longevity is over six hours. A fine sandal+ scent for warmer autumn days.

I'm totally rewriting this review after having tested this fragrance more properly- spraying from a bottle instead of dabbing from a sample – but mostly after having smelled it widely on my partner .
Sandalo is a lovely, masterfully crafted essay on sandalwood. The SA at Etro boutique defined it “a sandalwood in a Western perspective”, as opposed to some more spicy, heavy and heady “Oriental” sandalwood fragrances . I can't say myself for sure, in any case, the balance between the soft, freshly floral opening (rose, geranium and a delicious, slightly sugary lilac accord) and the wooden heart and base- rounded and polished sandalwood, of course, and a more bitter and stern cedarwood- is beautifully mantained with the aid of some peppery spices and plushy, enveloping musk. The result is a perfectly unisex, elegant, I would say urban fragrance, with a muted amount of exoticism that prevents it from slipping into boring conventionality.

Does Etro still make this? Picked up Sandalo a few years back and it's a light woody scent if there ever was one. Is there real sandalwood oil in here? I would seem to think so as sandalwood is a very intricate and multi-faceted material from what I've smelled over the years. Sandalo plays on your nose: is sandalwood this smoky and rubbery or are they ancillary notes that were added to enhance the juice? I would lean toward the former but I'll never know. What I do know is Sandalo is a fine ode to sandalwood and is one of the best out there. The question is: Can you still find it?

I don't consider this to be that much of a sandalwood fragrance. It is clearly more of a case of cedarwood- patchouli- animalic musk accord. It reminds me quite a bit of Zino (1986), only in very much lighter and subtle form.

Sandalo wears close to skin for a decent amount of time. Suitable for both sexes equally.

I think this is a nice little scent - it's well made and everything, but I just think it is not adabtly named fragrance at all ("Piccolo Ligneo Animale Oppuro Qualcosa" would have been better name for it), since it naturally gives one an impression of a true, sandalwood dominant scent. (And yes, I don't think it's that, not by any means)
There is that buttery sandalwood note in the blend, and it's detectible, but it goes winding in the shadows.

This, like everything else from Etro, has unfortunately gone through re-formulation at least once. (Some have actually been touched two or even three times)
I have only tried the original, vintage formulation of Sandalo.

There is a sort of exoticism in each Etro's scent which never fails to intrigue me and so in this case does Sandalo. This fragrance is a very likeable stuff, it's a woody oriental with an exotic spicy tail (quite close to MPeG Parfum d'Habit under my profane nose), a discreet and delightful fragrance based on amber, patchouli and sandalwood. The scent itself is woody and mellow (by precious resins and fruits) but there is a certain touch of smoky incense or hints of a sort of bitter licorice or burnt caramel kind of presence in the background which i like so much. The introduction is citrusy-floral with orange and rose that exude a delicate and bit exotic initial mild fruity/floral whiff. The middle notes settle on the olfactory ground a woody rooty stable heart. Each element stands at its right place in order to create a perfectly orchestrated general balance. Sandalwood is prominent with its real woody, resinous (in this case) temperament, patchouli provides noble boldness, the cedar a boise and luxurious sour (restrained) touch to balance the oriental following base and the lavender expresses green "laundry" tradition and a touch woodsy freshness. The woody, dry heart which lists a touch of lavender preludes a soapy oriental base which lists dreamy myrrh, amber and musk. I perceive the ambery magic touch and the woodsy temperament by musk. The amber-musk link introduces a sort of woodsy soapiness whereof the green temperament is not deflected by just an hint of myrrh. The combination between amber, myrrh, woodsy and rooty elements reminds to me slightly that one operating in the exotic old Vetiver Guerlain. The sweetness is moderate and is the type of natural one inherent the elements as woods and amber.  This is a very delicious and distinguished scent utterly refined for each occasion. Even if longevity is not the best imaginable i assign to it a full thumps up cause is one of the fragrances i love more in all this magic but dangerous (for my wallet) olfactory universe.

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