Ormonde Jayne (2004)

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Reviews of Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne

There are 7 reviews of Sampaquita by Ormonde Jayne.

I love the scent of jasmine sambac. Unadorned. Unadulterated. Uncomplicated. Sometimes you're just in the mood for an easy-going naturalistic fragrance without the bells and whistles. I find SAMPAQUITA sits in this sweet spot. That it doesn't try too hard to impress is not necessarily a bad thing.
Sep 6, 2015

Genre: Floral

Sampaquita: is that jasmine sambac in the diminutive? If so it's perfect. This is a sweet little fruity-green jasmine scent in desperate need of a push-up bra. It smells tinny and shallow to me, and I can't imagine wanting it when there are À la Nuit and Sarrasins to be had for similar money.
Jul 2, 2014

Unfortunately this is a mess on my skin, but that's probably because most perfumes containing rose dry badly on me. The rose rushes screaming to the front, throws a tantrum until she stinks to high heaven and then hangs around pouting. Such a shame! Exactly the same thing happens with Ta'if, another rose-based Ormonde Jayne fragrance.

I adore the smell of roses and wish they suited my skin!
Mar 11, 2012

I agree with Mimi Gardenia, Off-Scenter and parfumeuse Ayala about the common feel of this scent.

There is nothing inherently wrong with it. It is very pleasant in the top notes. Nothing extraordinary, just pleasant.

There are others in the Ormonde Jayne line worth a full bottle.
Mar 9, 2012

How can I say it any better than Off Scenter ! :D Read his review- that is how I feel too. This kind of scent does not apeal to me - it's 'hotel lounge' in feel . Plushy done ,everything is in its right place but a bit...boring .It's 'pretty' and well made but I feel no need to seek it out.
Jul 5, 2010

i adore the way this smells on me. All of linda's florl scents do wonderful things on my skin and for my state of mind. this one is sweet, there is a lot of lychee and bergamot that lingers and then goes right to the drydown od ambrette and vetiver.
Mar 9, 2009

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