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Salvador Dali (1987)

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Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali pour Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 1987 by Salvador Dali

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Reviews of Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

There are 90 reviews of Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali.

As far as I am concerned, the Confinluxe version I recently acquired is spellbinding and subversive, so the vintage must be otherworldly. There are similarities to Antaeus and Kouros, especially in the top notes, but what sets this apart is the heliotrope and anise (I love this combo). Thankfully, I have just the right type of personality to pull this one off.

A mischievous and compelling fragrance.

A dark, dry-as-a-bone sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli scent, with a slightly Gothic air thanks to its overall smoky feeling. Zino by way of Jacomo de Jacomo wouldn't be a bad description, though this is more polished than either. Wasser should be commended for the thoughtfully integrated touches (love the basil here).

This dark, herbal creation sits within the parameters of 1980s masculines well enough that it's sure to be familiar to anyone who has sampled the key masculine fragrances of that era, so don't expect anything from this that's as exuberant as Dali himself.

Salvador Dali PH is an example of why i love classic fragrances-the good ones can take you back in time to get a glimpse of a bygone era.this is another throwback to the 80s powerhouse era,definitely a lot going on here.the name says for itself - very classic.perfect fit for men like Dali himself.this is as far from today's freshies and out-of-the-shower men's fragrance as you can get-and surprisingly attractive and on that account it turns out now to be unashamedly idiosyncratic and bold. men only need apply little boys or kitty cats.Salvador Dali PH paints is that of a confident,outspoken eccentric; think Bob Dylan in 1966, wearing his wayfares,in his black leather jacket and smoking a cigarette.

Nothing synthetic smelling to me.the strength is quite a shocker on first spray. after spraying you feel the power of strong,sharp,lemony oakmoss;the oakmoss gradually makes way for lavender,which reinforces the eighties aura of the perfume,together with anise, basil and tarragon,the latter three notes provide the composition with a slight herbaceous turbidity.the geranium and sandalwood are responsible for balancing the other notes,and the patchouli can be felt throughout the evolution of the fragrance.not only is this refreshing bygone eras quite faithfully,it's also themed around 'old man' pursuits-think pipe tobacco and dark spirits.if you enjoy wearing a well cut suit(not today's silly skinny and too small popular cut), cuff links,fedoras, and enjoy an occasional fine cigar and scotch whisky you'll love this fragrance.this classes up there with some of the greats like Aramis Classic, Oscar Pour Lui,and Aramis 900. it's aroma is so masculine,so eighties, and so captivating,that if you love classics of those memorable times,you will surely succumb to it.

There is nothing Dracula about Salvador Dali pour Homme; The bottle is an interpretation of Dali's painting Aphrodite of Knidos ( a pronounced chin and a mouth ) and the juice is a woody floral chypre: sage, aniseed, lemon, cedar, geranium. Beautiful blend, masculine, fresh, and spicy with a little bit of darkness. A fragrance with a lot of personalities. The vintage formula has a more prominent oakmoss presence.

Blend Maxim's Pour Homme with Eucris, give it a lick of Castoreum tinted Vanilla, sly smokiness and you have something of Monolith-Gothic Sensuousness.
This has me in my Raven-ed Quattroporte, wearing my Jet Silk tailored, Borelli Royal Burgundy 11.
Sliding down the Highway 10 clicks over with the Security Services monitoring above.
Lovely, Archaic Lestat-ness.

Salvador Dali pour Homme is a strangely seductive spell, one that is outlandishly playful, from its hypnagogic bottle to the rich, fullness of its composition. A disorienting beauty of dare, of floral temptation, of tasteful herbs, of murky depth, of superfluous care, Salvador Dali pour Homme wears like a dark barbershop fougère and a diffusively rich oriental, where a dominate lavender anise pairing, sooted in clary sage, basil, and tarragon, lightly soaked in citrus, ventures into the flower beds of lily of the valley and its poetic sweet, green dew, jasmine and its pungent urinous honey, geranium and its rosy, green patina, and heliotrope and its savoury powdery blush; that fluidly mesh as a warm, delicious funk emanating from a deeply creased love seat and a moist lipstick trace on a freshly laundered collar. Eventually all this action gives way to a loosened mossy belt of lichen, feverishly relenting to a base heavy, musky patchouli stroke and a vanilla finish; that altogether culminates as a tastefully tarry, chocolaty kiss wafting in creamy resins and a leather wink. The whole experience is otherworldly and beckons like a wanton pull between an incubus and a succubus in the hour of the wolf... Sweetly dark, sensually dank, and strictly decadent, Salvador Dali pour Homme is a paradoxical wonder of beauty in the beast/beast in the beauty that is surely rousing and luring as a forbidden kiss... Genius!

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