Olympic Orchids (2012)

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An intense leather herbal blend, inspired by the eponymous town in Spain.

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Lots of leather and hay here: oof, is this strong from the get-go. It's a refined, natural leather but it is a POWERFUL leather scent. It's almost all I pick up for the first few minutes, a musky leather that I imagine is coming from the labdanum.

I'm picking up the smoke smell from the opoponax on first blast. This is dry, a bit powdery, and very powerful. This is more assertive than my liking, and I like a strong scent. It runs very masculine in my opinion, like a subdued bravado: I could see a woman wearing it if they like a more sophisticated leather.

The drydown brings out the sweetness from the opoponax and vetiver (minus much lemongrass). This scent projects above average and lasts above average (6-7 hours on my skin).

I don't love leather scents, but this is one of the best I've smelled to date. Very good, a sophisticated dark leather with complex notes and a light, sweet drydown to contrast. A bit aggressive from the get-go for my tastes but an excellent purchase.


Mar 12, 2019


According to their web site, Olympic Orchids’ Salamanca is for lovers of “leather, hay, hot sun beating on dry grass and water evaporating from wet stones.”

It is named after the Spanish university town, lying between Madrid and Portugal.

There are 10 notes: hay, tonka, mitti (clay), vetiver, immortelle, helichrysum, labdanum, opoponax, leather, yellow mimosa.

The scent itself begins with a strong blast of vetiver, which is quite pungent. As it calms down, it makes way for the leather accord. The effect is of vetiver oil rubbed into saddle leather. Equestrians would I imagine be in ecstasy at this point. I wait in vain for the other notes to emerge, but what I get is a mélange of notes suggesting wood smoke.

It is quite unmistakenly masculine. I can’t imagine a woman successfully wearing this or wanting to. It’s for strong, rugged personalities. There’s nothing sophisticated or erudite about Salamanca. Perfect for the outdoors man. If into hiking, camping or rock climbing, this might be an excellent choice.

My spouse responds to the mitti, making Salamanca for him an exercise in potting dust.

A most interesting and unusual fragrance with limited use potential, but of quality nevertheless.
Nov 28, 2017

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