Olympic Orchids (2014)

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Sakura captures the soft, humid, airy, earthy, and almost mineral-like scent of living cherry blossoms.

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There are 1 reviews of Sakura by Olympic Orchids.

Sakura isn't really a floral, not even a traditional springtime floral with a green, moist feel. But it is about springtime. It starts with a cool, early springtime moistness, a slightly musty wet hay note. This is the early spring of cooler climates, where the warming earth has more fragrance and presence than any greenery. It's a very distinct smell, recognizable to anyone who's grown up around it. A mineral earth note wafts through it. There isn't floral here, or citrus.
As it develops it slowly warms up, dries off and the mineral note slowly dissipates. The hay becomes warmer and drier and a very light cherry blossom starts wafting through. It becomes more an early spring day in the sunshine at this point. But it's predominantly a coumarin-type hay fragrance, with its casual diffuse outdoor quality. I'm not a fan of that note really, which has turned many mainstream fragrances into something I wasn't interested in wearing. And it is the case here. But for those who love hay notes, this is worth trying, because at the end it smells like a hay field. Naturalistic, but not my style.
May 9, 2015

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