François Demachy:

It was in Japan one spring day that I came across the astonishing cherry blossom. Tiny and fragile though it is, it nevertheless releases a perfume with incredible presence evoking the breathtaking landscape of thousands of cherry trees in bloom. The subtle, irresistible scent followed me everywhere. With Sakura, I wanted to pay tribute to it by interpreting its gently lingering, tender perfume with rosy nuances.

Sakura fragrance notes

    • Japanese Cherry Blossom, Rose

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Lest these images be too pure or girly, It should not be forgotten that white flowers (jasmine) is a deadly poison. Underneath all that sweetness and light is an unwavering doss of seriousness. It's whimsical but grounded. Sparkling but austete. Come-hither and independent.

Sakura is really quite simple to my nose but that simplicity is what makes it such a delight. It evokes the dew, freshly cut flowers and the magic is that this scent is pretty synthetic but is the closest to the real scent of flowers that I've ever smelled. The green notes, jasmine and cherry blossom are the most dominant notes here. It's so invigorating, like bathing yourself in a mountain river and catching a breath of fresh air.
2nd May 2020