Saks New Orleans fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tuberose, violet leaf, blackcurrant, vanilla
  • Heart

    • blackcurrant, lily of the valley, bergamot, mandarin
  • Base

    • cinnamon, patchouli, amber, sandalwood

Latest Reviews of Saks New Orleans

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2 VERY BIG THUMBS UP!! (and not just because I was born and raised in NOLA)

This is the most exquisite and richest Bond No. 9 yet. I get the lingering blend of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and bergamot blended impeccably with a touch of cinnamon and the slightest element of a floral nature. This scent is both bold yet delicate, and it is both cajun and creole in nature; cajun like walking in the French Quarter and along the banks of the Misissippi, and creole like walking along St. Charles Street in Uptown NO and being inside an historic hotel Downtown. The longer it lingers, the better it smells, and it lasts a long time- like the memory of a kiss. It is blended to cover all the facets of the Crescent City, yet on its own it doesn't scream New whispers it lovingly in one's ear.

I have taken also to layering this fragrance with Nouveau Bowery and the combination is breathtaking, just like taking a ride on the ferry at twilight. It is a fragrance that both reminds you of something you have smelled in another period of your life yet has enough personality of its own to stand alone. Please try this one if you can- I can't do justice to it with a mere description. Laissez le bon temps rouler mes amis!!
10th July 2012
Beautifully blended composition from Bond no 9.On initial application, I can detect very subtle violet, cassis and vanilla; then very light bergamot and lily of the valley make an appearance which is very light and refined... after an hour or so the base notes of cinnamon, patchouli, amber and sandalwood take over for ages...more of a feminine scent but very unisex if you like sweet vanilla and ambery scents...Big thumbs up...!!!
19th October 2010

This is one lovely scent!! I really don't get the Cajun connection (I have been to NO several times), but this is smooth, gourmand, superbly composed perfume. Nothing stands out,,everything seems to meld together creating one fantastic scent that lasts for hours!!! Now what,,,I need a FB?!
18th June 2010
I received New Orleans as a anniversary present from my husband this year. I must say the falcon is very breathtaking in person.My husband was told by the SA at Saks in Nola, that the house of Bond no.9 only made 150 bottles of New Orleans and that no more would be made, they only have 11 bottles left now! New Orleans is a lovely scent, I find it very hard to write a review here I love this one too much! If you like any of the notes listed you would love this;like the Big Easy this fragrance is just a very wearable gourmand, with each note transposing and floating in layers with each other, each developing on the skin with a warm and subtle glow.I'm very impressed with the Cajun base, I love patchouli, sandalwood,and amber with sprinkles of cinnamon. I close my eyes and can feel the rhythm of Nola. I'm just glad this fragrance smells nothing like crawdads, beer, whiskey or sweet leaf that you might catch whiffs of down on Decatur St.Go Saints!
8th April 2010