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Nice glutinous rice scent that does hint at the fermented beverage for which it is named. The citrus-ginger in the top notes snap refreshingly until it fades into a musky peachy scent that lingers for hours. I did enjoy it, and I like to use it to balance out Muscs Kublai Khan which can be a little heavy.
Sep 22, 2011

I really cannot decide about it. It is supposed to have Langsat Fruit, Grapefruit, Ginger, White Peach Absolute, Lotus Flower, Lily of the Valley, Osmanthus, Vanilla, Musk notes in. the very first notes are someking of cheap and bublegum style berries and peach. But then it gets a bit warmer and smoother. The ginger note is sheer but loud, with grapefuit makes a menthol like aroma. though i have not enjoyed it much i apreciate the unique and playful nature of it.
Nov 17, 2009

Strong, masculine, chemical citrus. Reminds me of a strongly scented antiperspirant when it starts to heat up and gets pushed to its limits trying to contain the B.O. It was given to me by someone who couldn't stand it. You can't wash it off and it never wears off. This is probably one of the worst scents I've ever tested.
Jul 3, 2008

One of my favorite Fresh scents. AND one of my favorite "fresh" scents!. Sake is sparkling, boozy, a little sweet, light hearted and celebratory. There's quite a bit of fruit in the opening and heart and I definitely get grapefruit right away, as well as a hint of berry. Best of all, there is a champagne thread that makes this scent stand out. No kidding, Sake smells "bubbly!" Just great. I'm, a noob, so this may not mean too much, but I haven't smelled anything like it. Yet
Jul 3, 2008

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