Saint Julep 
Imaginary Authors (2017)

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Reviews of Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors

There are 11 reviews of Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors.

Testing this fragrance left me with a short story of my own.

Imagine you're working in your yard on a warm day. Someone in your household sees you laboring and brings you a tall icy glass of 7-Up, garnished with a sprig of mint. The initial sip is cold, fizzy and refreshing, and you smell the mint sprig nuzzling your nostril as you swallow. Before you can set the glass down, all that's left on your tongue is white sugar accompanied by a vague sense of unease in your tummy as it tags bottom, but you were too thirsty to care. Back to work. 90 minutes later, you lay down the weed whacker and you spy the half-empty glass on table. As you bring the glass to your mouth, it registers in your brain that the ice is gone, and along with it that delicious cold smell. The top layer is just water and below that the mint sprig fell in and sunk to the bottom of the glass, trapped by swirls of refined white sugar syrup.
Apr 17, 2021

If you are looking for something different and unique, Imaginary Authors never disappoints. Saint Julep is one of their more nuanced offerings with an opening sweet mint and fruit accord that has a slight whisky like quality to it. It's a fresh fruity cocktail, that has an effervescent touch. Saint Julep needs some body heat or atmospheric humidity to perform and is best worn in late spring or summer. The hotter the day, the better the performance, and for me I averaged 1-2 hours of moderate sillage and 4-5 hours of longevity. You can apply this one quite liberally and not worry. It took some getting used to, but once you start wearing it in heat it becomes addicting. A nice scent and Thumbs Up.
Feb 20, 2021

This is my second stab at an Imaginary Authors fragrance, but I'm not as impressed as my peers here.

To be fair, the opening is phenomenal, one of the best, most interesting, fresh, and new things I've smelled. It has a niche feel, but it's safe enough to be designer. The lemon note I get in the opening is accompanied by a fresh mint note, and a noticeable sugary quality. reminds me of Sugar in the Raw, if you have ever tasted/smelled that. When I dig my nose deep though, the sugary note just sort of smells like tonka. As it dries, the tonka/sugar accord just takes over, the quick burst of lemon or tangerine as others are calling it, and the mint are both gone, nowhere to be found, and not in sight. As it gets into the middle which comes relatively fast, I'm met with a strange smell. It kind of smells like Creme Brulee, that has been overheated and burned, or better yet, if you have ever had a Baked Alaska, it smells identical to that, which some other added notes going on. It's sweet, it's smokey, yet it's also savory. It's really unique and different, but do I wanna smell like this? It kind of just follows this theme and dies down this way. the lasting power is good, at about 8 hours or so, but projection is not too good for a fresh scent.

Additional Notes: It kind of smells bad as it dries down, similar to others I have tried from this house, the "imaginary note" is very chemical smelling, and here no different, as it smells like plastic.

Received one reaction from a beautiful woman, but I couldn't tell if it was bad or good, and felt perplexed to ask. She didn't ask what I was wearing either, but she said "you smell different" I said "thanks, I guess".. it was definitely awkward. It was within the first 30 minutes of application.

I may revisit this one, but thus far, like others from this house, overhyped, interesting, but ultimately unwearable fragrances. Artistic, and not for most people.
Jun 11, 2020

Sweet, minty vetiver. I'm having trouble placing the sweetness. It is not entirely unlike the facet of L'homme Cool, except that is mint with something a bit rounder. This is a sharper sweetness akin to pink pepper. It feels energetic, so i'm thinking aldehydes. Initially very pleasing. Two hours in and I don't really feel it changing. Intensity has died down, but it is still pretty strong, and the sweetness has taken a bit of a half-step back, but mostly it seems fairly linear. 5 hrs in its pretty quiet, and still smells the same. That is gonna pretty much wrap up that one. Id say next time i check it will be too faint. Seems like a people pleaser. It hit me just now, it kinda reminds me of Metalique.
Feb 1, 2020

Saint Julep is pretty nice. To me the driving force is the sugar cube accord. Others have compared it to BR540, and the sugar note is what makes that connection for me, but not much else. Luckily, it's not a nuclear sweetness, it's definitely not cloying. I do wish other aspects of the mix came out a bit stronger, I would have liked to have gotten a bit more bourbon or magnolia. But maybe they'll come out better on a second wearing. I do have occasional "weak nose" days. Certainly worth a sample.
Oct 2, 2019

This fragrance will be your summer theme fragrance. Please believe the other reviewers that go into detail about the notes. This stuff is awesome. I will give a better review in the spring when I start wearing it again.

If you don't have a bottle, order it now before something silly happens... like it becoming discontinued.
Dec 30, 2018

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