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Fragrance Du Bois (2013)

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Fragrance Du Bois
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Created for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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Reviews of Sahraa Oud by Fragrance Du Bois

There are 9 reviews of Sahraa Oud by Fragrance Du Bois.

When I first got Sahraa Oud, I was excited. I had tried a tester in the shop in Dubai from which I purchased my bottle and was pleased by the more ephemeral way in which the natural oud presented itself in this fragrance. It was shimmery and faintly medicinal and lovely.

I took the bottle with me, sealed in the box, when I returned to Chicago, where it was still cold at the time. When I first used this bottle, the smell was, frankly, bad. Nothing like the way the tester smelled at Plethora in Dubai Mall (a well respected retailer, my bottle is 100% genuine, without doubt). It was as if the bottle was filled with a different fragrance altogether, one without oud, dominated by an almost rancid buttery smell and cardamom.

Feeling badly let down, I set the bottle aside. Today, about three months later,I rediscovered my bottle and applied a spray or two. What do you know, masceration has helped, I would say the scent is starting to approach the way it 'should' smell. The oud is here now, with some saffron and rose, the rancid smell is gone and the cardamom is just a trace note now.

I have increased my star rating of the fragrance accordingly and will update after letting the bottle rest for a bit more time.

For now, I am neutral, but hopeful.
May 7, 2021

Really great fragrance. It's the best of the six I've tried of this line, and the only one I even liked. Like others said it's not oud-forward, which is how I like oud.
Sahraa Oud is smashing. Sexy, warm, voluptuous, with a teasing gourmand note, it just smells good. I'm not an amber fan, for the most part - I've tried way too many monolithic, overbearing, boring, one note ambers, so to say I like this ambery fragrance is a testament. Sahraa Oud shows how to use amber in a truly positive, appealing way. Because of its price tag, some of the answer must be ‘use expensive ingredients'.
Very unisex, I like this on my husband too. He gave me a bottle for my birthday, but we both use it. I like it just as well on him as myself.
It's strong on initial application and comes across like it's going to be a bully of a fragrance. But it's actually mid-tone, very wearable, and with a fairly organic personality. There are no rigid notes that persist, unchanging and irritating, for hours, an experience I don't like - when I'm ready to change my mood and my fragrance doesn't let me. There have been a *lot* of credible perfumes that have done that to me. So Sahraa has a kind of easy-flowing, realistic sensibility to it.
The citrus in the opening is more a fruitiness than crisp citrus. It's lightly gourmand, quite delectable with the oud and ambers. It heads toward the heartnote pretty quickly, and then holds that for 2/3 the fragrance life before blending to a very satisfying ending. What a treat to have a fragrance that's heart-centric rather than front-centric, and holds its appeal to the end. I'm pretty tired of gorgeous front-loaded fragrances that left me feeling cheated.
Sahraa is blended and fairly soft-focused.There really are no fake or synthetic smelling notes, which may come from using excellent materials. It honestly seems to be designed to make wearing it be an indulgent pleasure. If there is a statement, that is it. I really enjoy it - it makes me feel good.
Big thumbs up.
Apr 21, 2021

Ok, let's address the elephant in the room: Sahraa Oud is not an oud-forward fragrance, despite its name and claims to a substantial oud content. If you're looking for oud-focused scent, please look elsewhere. Sahraa Oud is first and foremost an amber-centric scent. And a darn good one at that, its opulent radiance especially enjoyable when the weather is cool and dry. A flat cheap amber this is not. Sahraa Oud plays a hauntingly beautiful symphony of rose-tinted amber, saffron-laced oud over silky sandalwood.

Yet there is something comfortingly familiar about the central amber accord. It reminds me of classic orientals, possibly some vintage Guerlains. I've also heard comparisons to Andy Tauer's fabled L'Air du Desert Marocain. While that could only be taken as a compliment it falls a little short: Sahraa Oud will turn more heads. It is that stunning. And it smells pretty much like its price tag - expensive. But don't let that stop you ‘cuz when you feel like a billion dollars, when it starts to rain lace knickers and silk thongs, you know it is worth every cent and then some.

Thumbs up. Way up.
Mar 10, 2020

Sahraa Oud opens with no top notes to speak of, starting its development with its heart. During the early heart a slightly medicinal, gauze-like real oud takes the fore with natural smelling saffron spice and soft slightly aromatic patchouli, as supporting amber rising from the base adds additional depth to the spiced oud. During the late dry-down the amber takes the fore in a very big way, dominating the composition as the oud vacates, leaving remnants of the saffron spice and patchouli to join slightly sweet sandalwood in support through the finish. Projection is outstanding and longevity excellent at around 12 hours on skin.

I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to trying this one and fully expected to love it, but alas, I find the composition highly disappointing. The real oud is presented to show its more gauze-like facet as opposed to the barnyard animalics that usually scare away many (including this writer). To that, I was pleasantly surprised. It really isn't the oud that sinks Sahraa Oud, but rather it is the amber. At first, the amber in its supporting role is only mildly annoying, nothing to warrant panning the composition over surely. Unfortunately, it quickly builds over time to where on skin it dominates to the point of obscuring nearly everything else, and it really starts to wear one down, approaching scrubber territory. The soft supporting patchouli and slightly sweet sandalwood don't help the composition's cause either as the two meld into the amber, giving it an odd, sweet, almost creamy facet that only broadcasts its dominance further. All-in-all, while this writer openly admits to not being an oud or amber fanatic, I do enjoy many fine compositions that contain both ingredients together or independently. Sahraa Oud, however, will not be joining that list. The bottom line is the $745 per 100ml bottle Sahraa Oud has some expensive ingredients within, only to waste them in what amounts to an "amber blast," earning a "poor" 2 stars out of 5 rating and an avoid recommendation.
Mar 9, 2020

Here you get everything at once, and you can smell the different facets every-time you smell it. At first you can smell the grapefruit and a very lovely ouddy smell, smell it again and you notice the rose. But the rose is not a dominant note just a facet within the blend. Smell it again and it's the saffron and then the amber.

One thing I'm glad about is that the Oud is front and centre and not just in the title or buried within a boatload of other notes. Here they deliver the oud smell and it's very nice indeed.

Now it reminds me of a more sophisticated version of Amber Oud by Roja Dove. Take the similar vibe of that throw in all natural oud and beautiful ingredients that work in harmony with each other. It actually smells very expensive and lush, straight away you know why it's so expensive. There are no cheap smelling ingredients here.
Oct 28, 2019

Sahraa Oud ranks up there when it comes to oud scents I've experienced in recent years! Fragrance du Bois really created a masterfully crafted oud expression.

This outing crosses lines of categorization and expectation. It has that prestigious oud oil which is legit, non-synthetic and impressive (though it tends to be overshadowed at times by the "winds" of the pungent, aromatic support notes FdB injected into Sahraa Oud). It shimmers with amber, saffron, citrus, spicy, and woody notes that interplay with the smoky, real-deal agarwood oil at the heart of this.

As with other FdB offerings, Sahraa Oud is a laid-back EdP with tremendous longevity and moderate-low projection. It's not a scent to splash on carelessly, but an olfactive masterpiece that is meant to be enjoyed reflectively and with respect.
Dec 19, 2018

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