Sag Harbor fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sag harbor bay accord, bergamot, ivy leaf
  • Heart

    • peony, honeysuckle, magnolia, long island grape
  • Base

    • oud, amber, sandalwood

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In the noise of the
Smells of the people of the
Big city on the

Other big island
On aqueous dilution
And time dilation

One may be tempted
To find relaxation of
Things microcosmic

When in fact it's the
Macroscopic, indeed, the
Bigger picture, the

Beauty of all things
Considered so to speak, that
Still seems to matter

Even as we are
Distracted in the spectrum
By peaks and valleys.
23rd July 2022
This is heaven in a bottle, flowery and fruity. Peony, magnolia, honeysuckle and bay leaf. Sweet peony, fragrant magnolia, the honeysuckle is just the right amount, not cloying like others I have tried. I recognized the fragrant bay leaf because we use it to cook. I know what it smells like and picked it up right away. Unisex. Great for spring/summer.
2nd March 2019

wonderful floral summer scent, sneaked several compliments today!
9th September 2014
I've sampled more than a dozen of the Bond no 9 perfumes, and I've smelled another 10 or so more in passing. There is a sameness to their mixed floral perfumes that concerns me. They smell the same, yes. That's the subjective part. But I recognize that I dislike their sweetened-floral fragrances in general, and I must question how this colors my judgement. Dislike aside, to look at a prolific perfume line, patterns develop, and while Bond do make some traditional, innocuous mixed florals of no particular note (Chelsea Flowers, Park Avenue, Madison Soirée) they also have a stock style that they are apparently under a spell to release every third perfume or so. This style is the hazy, musky, boozy, lingering-sweet floral.

Examples: Fire Island, NY Musk, Bleecker St., Nuit de Noho, Lexington Ave, NY Amber,

Some of these perfumes are less ‘floral' than others, but the floral screech is the seasoning that allows the pancake-syrupness to shine. These perfumes ride on an overwrought, thick, lingering sweetness that requires any other note to shriek at top-volume to be heard. Which brings us to the peony in Sad Harbor. The peony note in perfumery is famously uncouth and abrasive. When paired with a base that requires a shouting match in the first place, peony shows itself not to be a pleasant note.

The name works, though. Sad Harbor evokes the collapsed end of a Hamptoms-climber drinks party. Flotsam and wounded vanity strewn around cocktail tables scented with abandoned, spilt fruity cocktails. Hits of salt air and sick.

I take back everything I've said about perfume being a weak tool to evoke a complex narrative.

19th June 2014
Nice fun summer beach scent. Very surprising.
5th May 2014
Very strong aquatic floral. The main notes are honeysuckle and magnolia. THe main theme is aquatic, like a flower garden by the ocean. Nice smelling and long lasting, but not something I would wear. Definitely feminine.
23rd February 2013
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