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Ralph Lauren (1992)

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Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

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A classic fresh fragrance. The male counterpart to the original Safari Perfume. The packaging represents the finer things in life with a faux croc-skin leather on the box and a decanter type bottle, embossed with a Ralph Lauren crest.

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Reviews of Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

There are 104 reviews of Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren.

"Cream is the word, is the word that you heard.
It's got groove, it's got meaning.
Cream is the time, is the place, is the motion.
Cream is the way we are feeling."

On first spray I immediately get a lovely concoction of creamy spice, creamy lavender, and creamy sandalwood. Then oakmoss and very smooth leather reveal themselves slowly. I consider it a creamier version of YSL Jazz, which preceded it by 4 years. As creamy an affair as this is, it never verges on unisex like, say, YSL La Nuit de L'Homme does. Safari leans more towards gentlemanly, rather than manly. It could easily be used as an office scent, but it can also be rocked on more formal occasions.

The current formulation of Safari lasts 3 hours tops on my skin, while this Cosmair era bottle easily lasts twice as long - still not the beast mode that vintage snobs will tell you about, but it'll do just fine.

Masculinity Level: Faceman from A-Team always retaining a certain level of elegance, no matter the situation.

Here’s another early 90s classic that is ripe for rediscovery. I have a vintage Cosmair bottle so I apologize in advance if a current formulation falls short of expectations, but this is another delectable marriage between the bold and the sweet.

We have spicy creaminess with a foundation of leather and oakmoss. The supporting roles of lavender and sandalwood lend a gentlemanly sophistication and makes Safari seem ‘sartorial,’ if that makes any sense. It’s as if I should be wearing a crisp white shirt and a sport jacket and have an afternoon walk on a brisk autumnal afternoon. Which is exactly what I was planning on doing at this moment...but I’ve chosen sweatpants. Go figure. Toodle-loo!

Roger Moore character in James Bond. Vintage Safari is what a true gentleman smells like. Incredibly elegant and classy everything is gentle, nothing screaming. It is very similar Tsar but smoother and less soapy than it. For gentlemen that like a assertive, fresh sophisticated adult male scent that can be worn anywhere and anytime since it's very attractive to the nose. Women in their 40's and older will find this sexy and compliment from left to right. Very aromatic, chic, masculine, classy, charismatic, earthy and versatile.

It opens on a lemony-tarry green note with loads of lavender to go. Initially a little tart and pungent, just for a minute maybe. Then it immediately starts to get smooth and dry, as you get whiffs of the coriander and carnation. The dry down is beautiful as all the previous notes linger on mixed with patchouli, leather and moss, giving it that classic masculine core. Sandalwood lends it soft, exotic touch throughout and ties everything together magically. In fact it's slightly sharp right at the beginning, but just for a couple of minutes, and then it immediately softens diwn to reveal rich oakmoss and vibrant sandalwood with a touch of leather. It from 15 years ago, not the current formulation. sillage is pleasant and longevity is good on my skin.

A word of advice to all of the fragrance houses of the world, "IFRA has ZERO authority"!!! They can only >recommend< that you not use Oakmoss and other ingredients in your fragrances, they have no power or authority to make you stop using certain ingredients!!! Don't allow the wanna-be dictators at IFRA ruin your fragrances and reputations! Once-great works of art like SAFARI are now an absolute disgrace due to reformulations. Reformulations that never had to take place to begin with! STOP THE INSANITY! Stop bending over backwards to please IFRA and instead start making amazing fragrances once again to please the >>>>>CONSUMERS instead. We are so sick and tired of it!!! Tell IFRA to go get F#(ked!!!

The opening is quite unique, with the bold simplicity of the eucalyptus mixed with bergamot, resulting in an unexpected blend, with cedar leaf and cinnamon in the early drydown completing what is a rather unique opening.

Later on the herbal and the flotal notes assemble, with basil and thyme rendering a traditional herb garden, and the geranium with a lovely lavender supplying a floral backbone. The latter florals grow in prominence, whilst the lavender adopts a discreet powderiness over time, which assumes the classic soapy characteristics of a barbershop scent. A bit later on again on a very nice oak moss develops, which is balanced beautifully; it is combined with a smooth patchouli and a leathery and slightly green vetiver. A restrained sandalwood lingers in the background for a while.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and an excellent eleven hours in my skin.

The unique opening is gorgeous and composed beautifully of its good-quality ingredients. The heart-note are convincing too, with just the base a but less vivid at times. A gorgeous classic. 4/5

Vintage Cosmair bottles are what my review is based on, Aftershave and EDT.

This is my staple aftershave, for work and church, and nothing else comes close to what Safari embodies. Projects both Classy & Rugged, Sauve & Direct, a masculine image, but not brutally so.

This works very well in heat & humidity, as well as fall, spring, and winter. Nothing sweet or cloying, nothing too spicy or sharp. The blending is masterful, the ingredients seem natural, an impeccable work of perfumery.

I haven't purchased a modern sample, as I refuse to accept IFRA "impressions" of fragrances past. So long great scents, it will be nice while they last....

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