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Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

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Safari Extreme by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

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Safari Extreme is a men's fragrance by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

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Reviews of Safari Extreme by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

There are 7 reviews of Safari Extreme by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi.

Photos,love letters,pressed flowers, leather gloves,an middle-east handsome gentleman in the late 30s. Safari Extreme is very evocative,very is an expression of confidence,charisma,and effortless charm.spicy,aromatic,subtly floral, somewhat all ASAQ, redolent of real ingredients and real nature.

Love at first sniff.the fragrance opens on the fresh masculine notes of bergamot, through spice-inflected floral accords, where all notes meet,is a hidden,sensual rose-jasmine combo,perfectly matched to all other notes:it is spicy,kinda sweet, aromatic and subtly dirty.the dry down goes in the sweet-ish sandalwood and
dry smokiness vanilla laced with a hint of sensual energy provided by oud and incense. totally i don't think that you need Safari,and Safari Extreme but one of them is a must have!

ASQ Safari Extreme has a strong reputation and the experience of it mostly lives up to it. In the scheme of sweeter oud fragrances, this is has various touches that keep it interesting and slightly dissimilar from other offerings I've tried before.

Surely it's sweet and has oud, but with the sandalwood, rose, and jasmine, it's floral and woody, and the animalic side of the oud comes out in this, as it's slightly acerbic and funky.

I expect that fans of Ajmal Rose Wood or Santal Wood would fine something in Safari Extreme that they like.

Its performance is solid, with quite robust projection for several hours before becoming a more modest scent thereafter, albeit still dense.

Only seemingly officially available on the house website for 367.50 AED for 75ml, which comes to roughly 100 USD, the price is not unreasonable if it can be obtained for that amount, though, it seems to run 50%-100% higher on secondary markets like eBay.

Overall, I like it and would argue that fans of the general sweet oud or rose oud genres should check it; it just does not specifically dazzle me except for being a bit more multifaceted than most examples in the genres that I've tried to date.

7 out of 10

One of the best arabian fragrances ever. A sensual perfume, where floral, smoky vanilla and spicy notes are mixed with suede and wood in a manner only an arabian house can do.

The so called similarity with Tuscan Leather or La Yuquawam is a nonsense. Safari Extreme is 3 classes over those 2.

From the first sniff you can tell it's a luxurious scent and top quality. I can also smell Oud in it but not too much. Some say it is Unisex but IMO is 90% masculine.

Longevity - Medium (at least on my skin)

Sillage - 8/10

Projection - Medium

Stardate 20180307:

Musky floral woody leather.
All three parts are well done.
The florals are in the style of old school feminine florals.
The Leather is the Tuscan Leather seudral kind.
And the musk is white synthetic one.
The base is woody with synth oud notes.
All of this sounds common place but the blending is where the fragrance shines.
The transition is fluid and performance nuclear.
FBW for me but sampling is recommended before buying

Update 20211017:
I always wondered why they would name this fragrance Safari given we have two famous safari by RL. Well mystery solved today.
I has a decant of Women's vintage Safari and it alcohol in it had evaporated . Basically it became an "extrait". I put it on and lo and behold - SAFARI EXTREME.
And he "extrait" was much well balanced than Safari Extreme.
Weirdly, the Safari Parfum does not show that facet.

Safari Extreme won the Fragrance of the Year award at the 2015, 6th Annual Arabia Fragrance Oscars.

This fragrance smells similar to the original Safari Blend; Just darker and spicier. A very masculine scent.

On wearing Safari Extreme, the notes I get are vanilla, peppery spices, sandalwood, florals (jasmine, rose and maybe ylang ylang?), oud and a woody note that smells like it might be cedar.

Safari Extreme is a versitile fragrance that can be worn at the office, on a date, a night on the town or just for daily wear.

In my opinion, Safari Extreme can be worn on Summer nights, as well as day or night during the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons.

Enormous sillage and very long lasting. I have received many compliments while wearing this.

Blind buy worthy and signature scent worthy.

Highly recommended.


Not sure why they called this Safari or Extreme, but it's just wonderful.
At first I thought it was similar to La Yuquawam by Rasasi. It certainly has an initial Suede vibe. But the Perfumer has a more deft touch and possibly better quality ingredients. There is a little vanilla and a lot of florals here but never so flowery as to overwhelm with sweetness. An addictive scent that seems versatile. You could wear this to the gym or to the Opera.

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