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Safari by Ralph Lauren

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Safari is a women's perfume launched in 1990 by Ralph Lauren

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Reviews of Safari by Ralph Lauren

There are 43 reviews of Safari by Ralph Lauren.

Vintage Safari: It could be a great scent if it wasn't because the powdery Irish stays too long and hides the rest of the notes but after an hour or so finally the jasmine and narcissus take over and I enjoy the white and yellow florals melange of the dry down dominated by a rich jasmine accord. If you are looking for an elegant powdery Irish scent then Calandre by Paco Rabanne is the one you would love the most or Vetiver by Mona di Orio.

Whist the opening blast is initially on the fruity site - after a brief glimpse of blackcurrant followed by some fresher citrus components, mainly sweet oranges and tangerines, - soon the florals make themselves smelt: hyacinths an daffodils, livened up by a spurt of aldehydes.

After a bit of a restrained galbanum affords a brief reprieve, the drydown sees the whole battery of floral delights in full sweet frontal attack: carnations, white orchids, green undertones mainly owing to a nice non-powdery jasmine, and a good lashing of muguet. Unlike in some other perfume creations the latter does not take over, but behaves as a good team player in this potpourri. Added sweetness in provided by a coating of honey, with, again a brief phase of non-floral reprieve due to some orris root in the background

The base sheds the floral dominance eventually, but this entails more loss that gains, as the base notes are less vivid: an ambery vanilla is quite in the centre, with a brighter vetiver that lacks any rootiness or earthiness on me. Oakmoss, styrax, and patchouli, notes that otherwise one might expect to develop some harsher and crispier undertones, all come across as soft and smooth affairs, merging in seamless without ever causing any disruptions to the overall sweet, smooth and soft olfactory atmosphere.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A floral-dominated spring beauty, with rich and vibrant floral ingredient of high quality. In spite of the great number of ingredients, most of them are developed well, although some of them are still pushed into the background; the overall blending is superb. In spite of the - after the glory of the first half - disappointing base, nonetheless this is probably one of Ralph Lauren's best florals. 3.75/5

She is a wealthy, independent womam who wears crisp, white blouse and shirt,pith helmet and wide-brimmed safari hat, knee-high boots. But her elegant attires also include romantic linens in ivory and white, which suggest her other side. The clothes ptoject her free-spirited, indepent personality. She comes to colonial kenya to get married and ensure a noble tittle. She is Meryl Streep on Out of Africa that's simply a masterpiece of cinematic art.

In a word, timeless. This fragrance sends the wearer into another world. Such a fantastic chypre scent. It speaks of wealth, elegance, warmth and class. Beautiful floral burst of top notes rich yet lightweight, effervescent, wonderfully radiant bouquet. Orange blossom, vetiver, sandalwood and amber seem to be most dominant. Galbanum takes over gradually, creating a bittersweet accord. The dry down is an amazing woody & earthy that would be the end days of summer and the begining of autumn. One of those smells that will keep surprising you day by day. You can be retro-classic-lady, can be french chic student, can be woman whos man invited her to opera. Heavenly bliss in a bottle.

With its yellow fruity head, Safari took up where Giorgio's twelve foot canary left off.

It goes on a long slow journey:
hologram pineapple merges with hard khaki,
it blends with a pink milky-sweet floral,
and develops a chypre base.

All this may sound a bit arbitrary, but look at it this way and a pattern seems to emerge:

• Golden yellow : Sunrise
• Khaki; foliage bleached by the mid-day sun : Noon
• Pink floral : Sunset
• Brown chypre : Dusk

In the light of the nudges given by the name and the Out of Africa style adverts, it looks like Safari is about a daytrip into the bush.
If so, this makes it one of a small number of conceptual or narrative perfumes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Although the nineties were the age of the aquatic, historically that was an abberation. While everyone was going watery to wash away the overstuffed sins of the eighties, this fruity green chypre went back to the classical tradition - with quotes from Vent Vert, Femme and to some extent No5.

For the way it swam against the tide - and asserted the values of classical perfumery - in the face of what would become a decade of puritanism, Safari is to perfume nerds (like me) an important work.

On the other hand, it's still pretty good if you just want to smell nice.



Bold and "retro". Big opening notes of orange, marigold, Mandarin, galbanum, and narcissus. Then, some hyacinth. Safari is complex, for the most part. The first few moments almost resemble aldehydes, for me. The middle notes are as well-blended as the top. I can pick out jasmine and rose when deeply inhaled. The middle is slightly more bitter. Galbanum lingers here.

The base reveals sandalwood, amber, patchouli, and a touch of cedar. Overall this fragrance is a Big fragrance. It is assertive - not for wallflowers. I'm glad I got to try this, thanks to a fellow b-noter.

Did you ever wish your Givenchy III had a more floral heart and warmer base?

I didn't, but I wound up loving Safari anyway.

I'm congenitally opposed to big white florals and opulent scents in general, but somehow that overlay of green galbanum and aldehydes moves Safari into the more-ish column for me. Flowers with their green leaves and stems still attached. Autumnal, but not melancholy, and so well blended.

Just read Oviatt's review; totally accurate, and witty.

The rather kitschy bottle with its elaborately cut glass is a somewhat guilty pleasure for me, too. My 1989 vintage EDC bottle (4 ounces) has an unusual feature: a crystal stopper in its neck, like a parfum bottle. The only other EDT bottle I have with that feature is an old Dior Dune.

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