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Safanad by Parfums de Marly

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Safanad is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Parfums de Marly

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Reviews of Safanad by Parfums de Marly

There are 3 reviews of Safanad by Parfums de Marly.

I really like this. It's a well-blended orange blossom and amber (which seems to be taking over my wardrobe, actually). It's the only full-bottle-worthy one I've found (so far) from PdM, and I've tried a bunch of them. This one lasts quite a while on me, but doesn't project too loudly. Definitely one to earn compliments for those who are allowed into your personal bubble.

Released in 2012 and yet this is the very first BN review? Well, nobody's betting their ranch on the likely reason, not when a single sniff is enough to convince you this 'mare' isn't the best the Marly stables have on offer. Who in the right mind would pay for a mediocre woody floral oriental that skimps on the orange blossom note and pretty much everything else, collapsing on itself within the hour?

The silence is deafening. But I thought I heard from the stables a collective neigh. Aye, even those horses are saying 'nay'! And why not? It's like paying for a 2 lb sirloin only to receive a slice of pepperoni you can barely sink your teeth into.

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