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Profumum (2018)

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Sabbia Bianca by Profumum

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A re-release of a limited edition fragrance from 2011.

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There are 4 reviews of Sabbia Bianca by Profumum.

A beautiful, rounded, rich tropical floral. Feels beachy, summery, carefree and yet sophisticated and elegant - as much as a white tropical floral can be.

Imagine the most undiluted romantic situation for you,ever,and then put that exact situation with whomever/ however/whatever under pure sunlight in a filed that is overflowing with spectacularly gorgeous,perfect flowers. that is what this smells like.she is like the Anna Nicole Smith of perfumes: garish, simply excessive in every way,but full of brash and irresistible good cheer.

This is a sophisticated tuberose who is beautifully bolstered by the tiare and sweetness of the ylang ylang.Yes,there are white flower notes but they are not overpowering.there are also lots of vibrant green notes backed by wood notes.there is as much white flower as green and wood notes.the bottle is white but this is a darkly dressed lady who you know so little is exotic without being complicated or weird. the performance is very good.

This is an example of when a niche fragrance house becomes too complacent after initially receiving plenty of praise.

Many houses have made attempts at invoking tuberose, which is a valiant endeavor that I fully support. Diptyque's Do Son nails it nicely to my nose. Other houses make an implied admission that their tuberose offerings are unable to replicate the real thing, so they market their tuberose scents by saying "this is tuberose, but with something else", which could serve to make interesting combinations while hiding the fact that they are unable to make an honest-to-God tuberose. Two birds with one bottle.

Right from the fragrance's webpage, Profumum Roma's description of Sabbia Bianca is annoyingly confusing. "Traces of pure white sand"? Sand that smells like white flowers? Where is that sand in Italy? Where is it in the Milky Way?

And the fragrance itself is true to its confusing marketing. I expected tuberose, but the sweetness of ylang ylang brought the fragrance closer to a sad, nauseating botched attempt at replicating gardenia.

I bought the sample of SB hoping to find the tuberose scent that my wife would like to wear, but it was instantly off putting to both of us. I felt bad for applying it on her wrist. It didn't get better with time, either.

Profumum, this is in dire need of a reformulation. Please test it on as many people as possible and make sure that your test subjects know nothing of the hype surrounding your name.

Profumum Roma Sabbia Bianca is a 2018 re-release of a prior 2011 release. A sweet white floral, it comes off as a warm weather daytime women's option, a mix of ylang ylang, tuberose, violet, and tiare.

It's nice, albeit a bit too feminine-leaning for my taste, but the care and quality are palpable in Sabbia Bianca as in other Profumuma Roman creations. Fortunately, it's not too sharp; rather, it comes off as pretty smooth, particularly in the dry down, an effortless wear, and a nice option that feels sufficiently versatile, but for women, at least, to me.

Performance is strong, as is the expectation of Profumum Roma offerings, and with a higher price point of $310 for 100ml (contra the usual $250 or $265)

7 out of 10

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