Russisch Leder 
Farina Gegenüber (1967)

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Reviews of Russisch Leder by Farina Gegenüber

"A Scent for Heroes..."

My grandfather was a very brave, very decent, very proud and very just man. He fought in the frontline during WWII defending my country and leaving his newborn daughter, my mother, behind. After the war he spent many years as the co-owner of a gambling club, being a professional gambler himself. His spectrum of acquaintances varied from Prime Ministers to labourers. And he always believed that the second were way better people than the first. He lived through so many things that most of us could never meet, even if we live thrice his lifetime. And he made everything look SO easy! He passed away peacefully at the age of 98 in 2009, leaving me with hundreds of fabulous stories and adventures as his heritage. He was always my hero. Russisch Leder was his signature fragrance for nearly 30 years. The iconic white opaque glass bottle with the black disc shaped lid was always in his bathroom and the scent was always lingering in the small apartment he lived in. I always splashed myself with it each time I visited him. He always laughed with my hurry to be a grown man. I cannot be impartial about it. To me this is one of my fondliest childhood memories. Something that will make me burst in tears if I ever sense it again. This is the scent that heroes wear. The scent of a tall, handsome man that holds a straight flush in one hand and a Walther P-38 in the other. A scent of colossal proportions.
Oct 11, 2014

From a vintage bottle: it starts staight as leather; pure smooth leather. No initial citrus blast á la Creed's Cuir de Russie, and no harshness in the opening like with Knize Ten or TF's TL. And this beautiful smooth and a touch creamy note of only slightly aged leather sets the tone, developing light background notes of mild smokiness and a touch of tar; the latter remains in the background on me. Unlike in Chanel's counterpart there are no floral tones on my skin at all, and it has only little sweetness, which makes it different from Creed's REL. Overall a discrete leather scent, which means limited projection and poor silage; not one to draw attention to the wearer. A great traditional leather. 4.25/5
Mar 31, 2013

Quite strong at first, but it soon changes into a subtle skin fragrance that lingers on skin for a long time. And as it is with these animalic composions, it reacts strongly to skin temprerature. It smells like a mixture of tar and vintage leather, just like a scent called "russian leather" should. Smoky and very balsamic in structure. I think the EdC concentration fits very well to this juice. Due to it`s subtle nature it could easily be worn all year round, anywhere anytime. And if it would be stronger, I`m sure it would lose it`s lovely quality of the scent of animalic skin.
Nov 8, 2008

Just brought from Cologne. When I tasted the Chanel "Cuir de Russie" for the first time, I wished there would be something resembling for men. Here it is! "Russisch Leder" immediately reminds you very much of Chanel's "Cuir de Russie". It also (logically) has some similar notes with Guerlain's "Derby" and almost unknown classical russian "Chyprè".It's also very well balanced and respectful. The only one weak point - the concentration: it exists only as "Eau de cologne" and evaporates too fast...Any way it's good and quite economic - only 22 Euro for 100 ml.
Jul 14, 2007

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