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    • Mint, Clary sage, Cedar leaf, Siberian pine needle, Coriander seed, Proven?al lavender, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Guaiac wood, Basil, Patchouli, Tonka bean, Leather, Cypress

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I get a blend of basil, mint, rosemary, and clary sage that creates a soapy scent. The leather provides a foundation for the fragrance to last an entire day. However, even though it performs well, this scent hasn't changed my perception of Memo, and I still find it underwhelming.
1st March 2023
I found this rather feminine to my nose, maybe it's my skin chemistry?

This feels like a powdery floral wall of tapestry, with a base of Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum (2012) weaving in and out.

Very nice blending and quality of materials, it's a very nice fragrance.

But this leans too feminine for my tastes. Very glad to have tried this, so thank you anonymous BN'er who graciously let me sample this!

Will definitely try the other leathers from this house, as this is a fine specimen of perfumery.
15th October 2021

This stuff is next level. Period.

Highly aesthethic, very mysterious, masculine, with great performance.
19th January 2020
Lovely this fragrence house.
I can smell all the ingredients here, especially the Cedar and Pine. Very high quality straight out of the bottle.
Very herbaceous and green, I love Leather but here it is in hiding, but it is still very nice and addictive smelling.
Green and fern like and very easy to wear for any male over 20s.

Scent 9- 10
Performance 7.5- 10
Silage 7- 10
Fantastic green fern smell, clean and fresh.
10th December 2019
Memo Paris calls this the scent of a "frozen fern", as it's supposed to smell like a winter forest in Russia. And I think it accomplishes that to great effect. I smelled the entire Memo Paris line once and this one captivated me particularly due to its rosemary and pine notes (two aromas which I realize I really love in perfumery). Russian Leather uses high quality ingredients like basil oil, cedar leaf oil, Siberian pine needle oil, lavender, mint, rosemary oil, patchouli oil, and cypress absolute. It definitely feels like a high-quality fragrance, and performance is great as well with moderate projection and good longevity (6 hours at least). The scent to me smells really 'cold' (especially with its mint note) and basically smells like a coniferous forest, with individual notes of pine, mint, rosemary, cypress, and basil really coming out (it's not much of a 'leather' scent truth be told). Regardless, I really enjoy this one, especially in the wintertime, and it's one of my favourite fragrances ever.

2nd September 2019
Slightly sweet leather and pine with plenty of soapy lavender. Opens nice and stays nice from start to finish, meaning there's nothing harsh or disappointing about the scent. It's masculine, classic without going into old-man territory, and has great performance. However, this is not for the hardcore leather lovers. It's a good choice for those who like a tame leather scent.

This feels best for a night out during cooler months. Otherwise, it probably leans formal but has some clean and sweetness that allows for some playful daytime wearings. Just go easy on the trigger as it lasts and projects all day.
27th February 2019
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