Russian Caravan Tea 
CB I Hate Perfume (2004)

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Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

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Russian Caravan Tea is a shared scent launched in 2004 by CB I Hate Perfume

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Reviews of Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

There are 13 reviews of Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfume.

The bright spot of this water perfume is the remembrance of visiting my cousins; watching and smelling as they prepared redolent “iced tea” from powdered concentrate. They loved it so much and I enjoyed watching them fill their huge, colorful plastic cups with freezing ice and tea.

This light, bright sparkler is perfect for those who love a crispy, and sticky-sugared lemon tea. It's reminiscent of a sugary citrus, Earl Grey. And, I can definitely smell how this will be a great spring or summer scent on many people. I've read many reviews where wearers had pulled some smoke and spiciness from the scent; that sounded so lovely.

I'm not sure what it is about my body or my nose, but this did not work out for me. On me, it's overly-sweet, soapy, and synthetic. It's a watered down (in a good way), flowery, and honeyed light citrusy tea.
It quickly turned into fruity candy, and was reminiscent of that sweet lemony tea in the cooler case at a gas station snack stop. It left me with a slight headache.

I was hoping for a steamy, thick, frothy malted black tea. Wanting a gently smoked Assam, pu'erh, oolong, or lapsing shouchong. It has absolutely no haze. Nor is there a “hint of shelves of old books.” No depth or darkness, no curling up by an outdoor fire pit to warm your bones on a chilly night, relaxing into a piping rich brew of black Indian tea.

I don't like tea scents very much; they tend to have an astringent, almost metallic quality to them that sears my nose. This one is more subtle and the emphasis is placed on a distant rose/carnation note than anything. It's green and bergamot-ish, and has more going on than many of the other scents in the line, but it reminds me quite a bit of Demeter's Funeral Home, only the Demeter is stronger and more lasting. (There's a good chance, actually, that Brosius was responsible for Funeral Home). From the perspective of realism, he nailed it as this smells very much like infused tea. Invigorating, profoundly realistic, obnoxiously expensive given its performance; this certainly deserves a place within the line-up as it's one of the few that deviate from the “wet soil” effect that he throws on everything. A well-done sheer tea skin scent.

Genre: Woody Oriental

This is a light green tea, leafy and bittersweet, without any of the smoke and spices I associate with a Russian caravan. It seems very thin at the start, with a faint sour note that I can't quite place. The sour note tones down within an hour to leave a very simple, transparent tea.

There isn't much projection, so Russian Caravan Tea is strictly a skin scent. It doesn't develop much with time, either, except for revealing a very mild floral character before fading altogether. It's a very pleasant scent, but certainly not exciting. There are more complex and interesting tea scents out there, and many of them last a whole lot longer than this one.

I ordered 3 samples from CB IHP and this was my favorite. It's a little sweeter than I expected, and very reminiscent of Earl Grey tea. I love the absence of floral notes and gag-y perfume-ness. The downside is that it really doesn't last more than a few hours, so I will probably not buy a larger size. (The other 2 samples I received were Under the Arbor, which to me smells exactly like grape koolaid, and Memory of Kindness, which is ok, but I like this one better.)

Smells a lot like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Nice scent, does smell like tea (roses, lemon, something metallic). I detect NO smokiness, which is a staple of Russian Caravan tea (blended with Lapsang Souchong). Disappointed it has no smoky note. Otherwise it's a nice rose scent with some sort of vetiver-verbena lemon grass note that makes it smell sorta like tea.

RUSSIAN CARAVAN TEA starts off deceptively weak but gains in substance as the water base dries off. It recalls the aroma of a lightly spiced and fruit-infused tea which I find a little smoky as though the dried tea leaves are burnt slightly. I have always enjoyed tea-based scents and this composition from Christopher Brosius is a delight even if 'wearability' is not its strongest suit.*** This review is of the water perfume, not the absolute ***

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