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Reviews of Rush by Gucci

There are 76 reviews of Rush by Gucci.

Texture plays a role in this, which is good - because the theme is simple and doesn't change that much.
Fizzy, milky, powdery and plastic, there is plenty for the nose to latch on to, as well as coriander, white flowers and patchouli.
I say milky 'texture' but it’s better to call it milky hued; pale and lactonic.
Rush has an alien feel, like Feu d’Issey (1998), and - with the red box and eccentric bottle - they have a similar modern aesthetic.
It's not like anything on the street - and better than most that are.
Still worth a sniff today.

One reviewer said it is addicting and that is true. I crave this fragrance throughout the day and my scent memory kicks in even when I'm not wearing it.

I bought this for my wife after many years of her solely wearing Jungle l'Elephant by Kenzo, to the extent that she had gone completely "nose-blind" to it (and anyone who's smelled that will have a hard time believing it), and she wanted to try something new, and I'd read all the intriguing reviews of Rush so bought a 30ml bottle blind.

Our first thoughts were a bit "meh" - it was quite sweet, though not overly, and had a bit of Parma Violets (the English sweets) about it, slightly floral, definitely synthetic, but not in a bad way. I said to her, well, if you don't like it, we'll put it on eBay and get you something else.

But then later in the day, when the scent had all but worn off, I got a strange feeling of addiction, that I needed to smell it again, so I got nearer to her.

Then she didn't wear it the next day, as she was going to work, and again, I - weirdly - really missed it.

By the time she put it on the following day, I was truly addicted, and kept following her all around the house, catching glimpses of that sexy Rush haze. She's a smoker, so combined with the smell of cigarettes, I find it utterly irresistible. Thank God we persevered through our timid initial reactions. What a Rush!

Love this. It's one the review sites pointed me towards as a scent marketed toward women that quite a few men enjoy wearing. Listed as a Chypre Fruity it leans more floral than fruity to me although the peach note is fairly prominent, I just can't tell where the fruit/floral border is.
I really like the combination of these very juicy, sweetish notes with dryer, earthy patch and vetiver - it creates quite a heady brew. As a novice I lack the language to describe notes so bear with me - I struggle with lily-of-the-valley, which is not in this but is the closest I can use to describe the resulting mixture of notes in Rush (I think tuberose does this kind of thing too?). It is, to my nose, a deep, pungent, almost savoury tone that's common in a lot of classic white floral 'fumes like Chanel No. 5 (which shares a lot of notes with Rush)or others that some dismissively and insultingly describe as 'Old Lady'.
Anyway, I'm enjoying this. The general 'cloud' of it is pleasant, but when I sniff it specifically, I can detect the strains of flowers over the underlying peach vibe. The initial post-spray blast is pretty potent but quickly shifts to the fruit/patch affair described that lasts and lasts on my skin
Definitely unisex IMHO.

Quite bitter and aromatic. Green floral. Moderate sillage and longevity. Could be unisex. Then a grenadine cocktail feeling. Lovely.

Rich floral.
Patchouli and mildly spice-laden.
Aromatic middle voice.
Touch of fruit.

A good retro-style perfume. It reminds me of wandering around a shopping mall near the holidays. Strolling by store after store where all the aromas and various musical selections all mingle together. That's what I envision when I close my eyes, while wearing Rush.

I was somewhat hesitant to try this, given the reviews here. Just goes to show you that body chemistry is everything and you never know until you try. Wow. Say what you will, but on me it's .........

Smoldering. Heady. Intoxicating. Exquisite.

A strong, fairly loud and evocative floral burst hits my nose immediately when it hits my skin: gardenia, freesia, hints of hyacinth and a slightly spicy coniander-based undertone - it tries really hard to get my attention.

The base is quite straightforward: a jasmine - the run-of-the-mill type joins up with a somewhat anaemic rose impression, pushing aside the white floral components of the top notes.

The base is characterised by the addition of a soft patchouli note, which has a sweetish undercurrent attached to it, and a very restrained vanilla; both fade out slowly towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent is a chemical mix, escaped from the laboratory and a harbinger of the synthetic-sweetish soups dominating the Gucci menu these days - although it is probably a touch better than the rest of them. Rush is so generic that I am not in a Rush to buy it. At least the red bottle is hard to misplace, even in a big tote or bag. 1.75/5.

Stardate 20161214:

Milky, cloying, synthetic floral.

This is just Gucci copying Hypnotic Poison and adding a distracting opening. I don't mean that to be disparaging but it becomes more and more evident as it dries down. The beginning phase of Rush is like a normal girl you know or work with, drunk beyond her rational limit at a party; it can be fun, intimidating, or annoying, but it always takes you aback. The latter parts are all vanilla-patchouli-rose a la HP or S de Scherrer. I happen to enjoy these milky woody creations so Rush is just fine by me.

Whatever else one can say about Rush, it has an abundance of character and personality - it is cheeky, daring and distinct; attributes which are so lacking from modern fragrances. The first time I smelled it I was standing on a tube station platform and the most gorgeous smell was wafting from further down the platform. I am a sucker for jasmine, gardenia, vetiver and patchouli so its a no-brainer for me although I can understand the repugnance some people feel for it. It is a monster of a frag; a throwback to the 80s powerhouses; not for the faint of heart and as often noted, must be used very sparingly. Nonetheless, when it suits the wearer and is worn at the right time and place, it is pretty spectacular.

GUCCI RUSH is not something that very common and will make people ask you what kind of perfume you are using so i would call it a unique scent.the fragrance is a balance between traditions and 21st century dynamism.It is a scent that gets attention from people. gorgeous,sensual,authentic, feminine,sweet,impressive,irresistible, fresh and warm at the same time.

African freesia and peach mingle seductively with coriander,jasmine and the intense carnality of damask rose to amplify but a single message in sub woofer pitch:"I am woman,hear me roar!"The lovely vanilla, the patchouli and the vetiver at the base only serve to mollify it enough to allow men to flirt with you shamelessly.

This is not frilly or girly smelling but it is perfect for an assured,grown-up lady sure of her sexuality,yet never vulgar.It is also nice for any season.the EDT appropriate for evening know a fragrance is great when someone walks past you and catches a whiff and actually turn their head to comment it.

Of course I love this. It's an 80s powerhouse throwback named after poppers that smells like poppers. Electric youth indeed!

Old man on bus, with tone that is not necessarily complimentary: "Excuse me. Whatever that is you have on..."

Me: "Oh, thank you! It's Gucci Rush."

Old man on bus, shaking head: "Whatever that is you have on..."

May it always be in production-- this is all Gucci still have going for them on the perfume end. Tom Ford's perfumes were so interesting before he started his pretentious eponymous line.

If you wear Rush, make sure to wear a lot. This is a statement scent that is meant to be big and opaque. Transmogrify into an electric red rectangle; the instructions are there in the bottle design. I am dismayed when I smell a stale little whisper of Rush, a stale little whisper of Alien, a stale little whisper of Angel, a stale little whisper of Coco Mlle, on women. Oh, what it will take to undo the damage that modern American beauty magazine editorials on the alleged proper way to wear fragrance have wrought--spray and walk through, one spray, others must only be able to smell you when they lean in close, all that prim 50s etiquette guide bullshit. Above all, don't listen to Goody Onespritz when she admonishes you that it is better to risk underapplying than to be "perfume lady" or "cologne guy."

"A woman who wears too little fragrance instead of too much has no future" -me

Genre: Chypre

The first whiff of Rush when it comes out of the bottle is a chemical siren that has accurately been described as “hairspray,” and it manages to shock even a decade after its debut. The genius of Rush is that this hairspray note recedes but never disappears, and its presence in the background works like an electric current to animate the fruity floral accord at the scent's heart.

Complex development is not Rush's strong suit. It says one thing, and it says it very loudly. Granted, the utterance in question is not profound, but it is amusing. When, after a few hours, Rush finally quiets down, what remains is a soft vanilla drydown with a hint of rose and wood. I think of Rush as good, goofy fun, but it has a habit of getting into people's faces, which means it should be worn with caution and in circumstances where its gaudy hilarity will not offend.


Turin was right in naming this as a "laconic chypre" but again ridiculously wrong in giving it 5 stars - I give it 2 at the most.

Artemesia, woody, menthol blah scent - for me.

Barbara Herman liked it for its peachy, milky, syrupy florals with warmth and spice from coriander and patchouli.

It is all these things: milky, peachy, woody, slightly spicy, slightly floral - but all adding up to a blah nothing of a scent.

Common place and indeed common.

Gucci - Rush
If you would distill the warm skin of a couple of new-born babies, rubbed in with Zwitsal body-lotion, drenched in mothermilk and add a touch of fresh human-sweat you will capture pretty much the essence of Rush. Its start is loud, big, and cranked up by lactones and other sharp smelling synthetics. But close to its dryout it starts to evoke a real human kind of warmth that's subtle and very worthwhile- there simply isn't anything like this. Maybe this effect is generated due to perubalsam/iris as natural substances, I don't know- and somehow it reminds me of vanilla but I don't really seem to smell it, which is a good thing. Rush is a very clean, fluffy white cloud of misty, vaporized candied milk-pearls, impregnated with a slight raw animalic, oily-denseness, that radiates the intense analogue, compressed warmth of the oily, slightly sweaty skin of a hundred newborn-infants, hitting you as a soft, warm breeze on a sunny day. Seriously good stuff.

Compelling Milky Peach My love of Gucci Rush stems from a love for Clive Christian's X perfume for women. These two are *so* close as to be identical twins. Gucci Rush is a strange perfume. In fact it is so weird ,it is compelling. It smells sort of synthetic - has a hairspray-ish , almost metallic beginning and then becomes a lactonic chewy peach which is quite sexy and warm. I can imagine this would not appeal to everyone but I think it is a wonderful scent. Certainly not your usual fruity floral candy pop. If you love Gucci Rush, I can bet my bottom dollar you will adore X for Women . Pros: UnusualCons: Probably discontinued !"

it smells synthetic but it is opulent creamy milky rich, white like a powder, creamy like a butter milk and spiced like its gourmand :) there is a light of metallic note , or citrus like note, that refreshes the whole composition, its not heavy like Kenzo jungle.....the coriander seeds makes it exotic half way to Kenzo jungle.....i like it...but not sure if i could wear it, because its all synthetic:)

I changed to neutral because i could not wear it, but its unique smell! And i gave neutral to coco mademoiselle which is nice but metallic as well.

So rough opening you could polish a wood sculpture with it. Dries down to a smooth (but not quiet!) and very characteristic flowery piece. The flowers though are not by any means realistic - this is a psychedelic bouquet tossed in the air of a filled club by someone in a very good mood and with very red lipstick. This is a girl we've all met - vivid, a little weird, lovely and so crazy happy you just have to like her. You won't have deep conversations about life with this lady, but you sure as hell will have an amazing night out with her.

Sorry, but this one is a big disappointment to me. The notes list mentions three of my favourites; gardenia, jasmine & freesia. But what l get is a plasticky, ozonic opening reminiscent of hairspray or shampoo, followed by milky, peachy lactones that suggest a fruit salad rather than flowers. Very generic & synthetic-smelling, it is almost completely linear, has average projection, & lasts barely four hours on me. lt may have been innovative & different in its time, but l just don't get it. l just want it off me, now!

It's a fun, warm ... chypre? Who knew!

Go eassssssy on the trigger, tigress, or you'll smell easier still. It's a hard one to pull off, but I L-O-V-E!

There's some talk about how much Rush resembles an update of Diorella. The main attraction here is a giant peach that would give James a size queen complex. It's known as a party girl perfume and very late-90s indeterminate-confused aesthetic with the Rothko-wannabe VHS cleaner container. Rush can smell a little like chewed up bubblegum and cigarettes (in a good way, hi there ELdO), and I have more than once felt the urge to scrub when applied while in the wrong mood. But there's nothing like Rush for amour fou.

An oldschool virago in a fur coat complete with red spray paint attack. This scent smells like Italo Disco sounds: trashy, copying something so wrongly it turns brilliant, transcendent, spacey, artificial and synthetic, yet classic! "I'm a spacer woman. Don't you worry 'bout me. I don't want to hurt you. I just want to love you. We can start it over. Come on be my lover. You will be my mentor. Let me be your stranger."

Freesia, coriander, vetiver, and patchouli all in sheer but harsh red-flashing sequences hypnotize and harken to the spirit of all kinds of disco.

"I come from Space/I want to know/If I can do/My love is true... " Rush comes in peace. She's a raver and a lover; not a fighter!

Overall rating: 9/10 (if you're afraid of the description above, then make that a zero and move on).
Longevity: "EUROPA. ENDLOS."
Sillage: prepare for the stares and the glares (unless you dab, which I recommend. This one's gorgeous at low volume!).
Gender: more like: sex? yes please.
Occasion: painting the town if color-me-bold.

A message from a friendly planet with a glitterball moon. It's odd and it's right and it makes one yearn to travel the galaxy and search out where this came from.
Cloaked in plastic milkiness, a heart of chemical peach and pared-down dirt-free jasmine pulses, its fluorescence filtering through the whiteout.
This is at once etiolated and full on – the scent equivalent of Debbie Harry's vocal on Heart of Glass. And just as swoon worthy.

A stewardess was wearing this on a flight and I fell in love with it and asked her for the name of the fragrance. I almost always get a complement when I wear it. It just gets people's attention. Kind of peppery. I'm surprised that gardenia is a top note and had I read about it rather than smelled it, I wouldn't have tried it but I just love Rush! I wear it when I want some attention for the day. Rush 2 I don't care much for, though.

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