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Rush by Gucci

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Tom Ford says this isn't a fragrance for the shy or meek.
The bottle, which houses this oriental scent, is a plastic red block.

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Reviews of Rush by Gucci

There are 76 reviews of Rush by Gucci.

Texture plays a role in this, which is good - because the theme is simple and doesn't change that much.
Fizzy, milky, powdery and plastic, there is plenty for the nose to latch on to, as well as coriander, white flowers and patchouli.
I say milky 'texture' but it’s better to call it milky hued; pale and lactonic.
Rush has an alien feel, like Feu d’Issey (1998), and - with the red box and eccentric bottle - they have a similar modern aesthetic.
It's not like anything on the street - and better than most that are.
Still worth a sniff today.

One reviewer said it is addicting and that is true. I crave this fragrance throughout the day and my scent memory kicks in even when I'm not wearing it.

I bought this for my wife after many years of her solely wearing Jungle l'Elephant by Kenzo, to the extent that she had gone completely "nose-blind" to it (and anyone who's smelled that will have a hard time believing it), and she wanted to try something new, and I'd read all the intriguing reviews of Rush so bought a 30ml bottle blind.

Our first thoughts were a bit "meh" - it was quite sweet, though not overly, and had a bit of Parma Violets (the English sweets) about it, slightly floral, definitely synthetic, but not in a bad way. I said to her, well, if you don't like it, we'll put it on eBay and get you something else.

But then later in the day, when the scent had all but worn off, I got a strange feeling of addiction, that I needed to smell it again, so I got nearer to her.

Then she didn't wear it the next day, as she was going to work, and again, I - weirdly - really missed it.

By the time she put it on the following day, I was truly addicted, and kept following her all around the house, catching glimpses of that sexy Rush haze. She's a smoker, so combined with the smell of cigarettes, I find it utterly irresistible. Thank God we persevered through our timid initial reactions. What a Rush!

I admittedly did a blind buy purchase of Rush. It's loud and just goes to show you that everyone wears perfume differently. On me, I just love the scent of Rush. It's not an everyday scent for me and one I'm more apt to wear at night when my office-friendly scent has gone out to pasture.

The packaging looks cheap and chintzy, but that lend to the appeal for me. At the price point, what do you have to lose?

Love this. It's one the review sites pointed me towards as a scent marketed toward women that quite a few men enjoy wearing. Listed as a Chypre Fruity it leans more floral than fruity to me although the peach note is fairly prominent, I just can't tell where the fruit/floral border is.
I really like the combination of these very juicy, sweetish notes with dryer, earthy patch and vetiver - it creates quite a heady brew. As a novice I lack the language to describe notes so bear with me - I struggle with lily-of-the-valley, which is not in this but is the closest I can use to describe the resulting mixture of notes in Rush (I think tuberose does this kind of thing too?). It is, to my nose, a deep, pungent, almost savoury tone that's common in a lot of classic white floral 'fumes like Chanel No. 5 (which shares a lot of notes with Rush)or others that some dismissively and insultingly describe as 'Old Lady'.
Anyway, I'm enjoying this. The general 'cloud' of it is pleasant, but when I sniff it specifically, I can detect the strains of flowers over the underlying peach vibe. The initial post-spray blast is pretty potent but quickly shifts to the fruit/patch affair described that lasts and lasts on my skin
Definitely unisex IMHO.

Quite bitter and aromatic. Green floral. Moderate sillage and longevity. Could be unisex. Then a grenadine cocktail feeling. Lovely.

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