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Rumeur (new) by Lanvin

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Rumeur (new) is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Lanvin

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Reviews of Rumeur (new) by Lanvin

There are 30 reviews of Rumeur (new) by Lanvin.

Like bouquet of dewy fresh flowers in the morning.for people who try a fragrance once and go off the first experience.most of the time you just need to spend time with it.your nose needs to grow into a fragrance.i have not liked of Lanvin's ( feminine) upon first sniff.i learned to stick with them and really learn them and smells utterly fresh,feminine with a slight naughty side from the musk.

The composition consists mostly of the classic floral notes,lily of the valley,rose and's always playing beautifully on my skin and sometimes seems to have more depth than other perfumes with richer components. on my skin it works elegantly.the fruits are subtle is pretty like tulle and pink satin.this is not a perfume of dynamic, but it surely is a perfume that plays with the unconscious tendencies of the recipient.a summery version of Narciso EDT lighter and more fresh. sillage is soft and longevity is not particularly impressive for an EDP.

The other day, this bloke comes up to me in the pub and says, y'know what...?

What? I sez.

I heard... this nutter goes into a perfume shop and sez I want the worst perfume in the shop.
Worst perfume in the shop? the woman sez, what d'you want that for?

See if my new gas mask is working 'e sez.

I don't believe it meself...

I mean, who'd spend all that dosh on summat that smells like toilet cleaner?

The original 1934 RUMEUR must have been a stunner with vanilla, tobacco, leather, civet, peach, plum, cyclamen, geranium, vetiver, patchouli amber, nutmeg cardamon, clove, cistus.

The new scent with the same name is awful. Another of those boring dry chypres without any depth or interest. What can you do with magnolia, muguet, white rose and jasmine, except let them shine as white florals. No so here. There is almost no scent in this - yet another knock off watery dull insult to the nose.

Try to find the original and avoid this travesty - shame on them to use the name over again. Can't someone provide them with a dictionary??

I concur with Meg2005 from 5 years ago that it is similar to SJP's Lovely, only better, as she also points out. This is an unusual and reasonably lively combination of florals, with the magnolia and lily of the valley and maybe orange (as far as I can tell) providing a slightly and almost pleasantly musty smell. This mustiness reminds me of an uncle and aunt's house from my childhood. Was it the somewhat comforting smell of the wicker furniture my aunt liked to collect? Probably it was a combination of things. You know how each house/household seems to have its own peculiar smell?

A limited knowledge of a half dozen or so Lanvin scents has led me to believe that the quality of this house's offerings is a bit uneven, but then there are more than 40 that I haven't smelt yet!

I own this.
It was a bit strong at first but gets lots of compliments.
Want to know something stupid? Yea? Well, I have good luck everytime I wear it. Really!! So if it smells like a skunk, whatever! :))))

ps I can't stand the rose version and it does not get compliments or brings me luck

This is beauty!It is good on a frost especially!

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