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There are 1 reviews of Rubikona by Puredistance.

Rubikona opens with an orange blossom and slightly sharp bergamot citrus tandem before quickly transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the orange blossom remains, now supporting additional dulled, slightly powdery rose, iris and ylang-ylang florals that take the fore with smooth cedarwood, slightly creamy vanilla and warm clove spice additional support. During the late dry-down soft patchouli joins the creamy vanilla, dulled rose and smooth cedar in support of slightly animalic musk unveiled in the base that becomes the focus through the finish. Projection is average but longevity outstanding at over 15 hours on skin.

I have worn Rubikona several times now, and really find it quite confounding. The primary heart accord is very complex and picking out individual notes is relatively difficult. The overall effect can be best described as almost Chapstick-like, for lack of a closer descriptor. The rose is the most prominent, but its presentation is quite unlike most others of the floral, and not really in a good way. At this point I would have to say the composition is relatively innovative but unimpressive results-wise. As time passes, however, it improves, as the odd Chapstick floral accord recedes to allow the musk and patchouli from the base to meld with the rose and cedar remnants to present a slightly powdery "feminine" leaning dry-down that is much more pleasant smelling, if not more conventional. The bottom line is the $590 per 100 ml bottle Rubikona has a very odd, warm spiced laden rose floral led heart, but the late dry-down salvages the composition on the whole, turning a disappointing offering into at least a "good" smelling 3 stars out of 5 rated one, earning a neutral buy recommendation to all.
Dec 30, 2020

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