Royall Rugby fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant
  • Heart

    • geranium leaf
  • Base

    • patchouli, vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Royall Rugby

The first hour of this is lovely and I haven't found anything quite like it. I see multiple references to Terre d'Hermes but I do not see any similarity in the opening...there is an echo in the dry down. It's green and earthy with a hint of spicy citrus from the geranium. The blackcurrant can be detected early on with a slight sweetness that fits perfectly because it shares the earthiness of the other notes. I find it complex. There is something "brown" about it that I like...the scent of mulched autumn leaves and grass that is turning over into straw. It really does evoke a grass sporting field. I didn't play rugby but I did play American football and I find it reminiscent of mid October on a slightly dewy morning playing field in a park full of trees. The base of patchouli and vetiver has some roughness about it. But do not mistake it for being dirty. This still manages to smell very fresh to me. It's very casual, a bit sporty in a preppy way....a great scent for a trip to the pub, going to watch a game, or walking the dog.

This has received the most compliments of anything in my modest collection and I wear it often. Unfortunately it comes as a splash on and longevity is not great. After the first hour it is pleasant but significantly less interesting. I really recommend decanting it into an atomizer. It shines more when atomized and is worthy of being refreshed later in the day.

If there was a parfum strength concentration of this it would probably be the only scent I need. A true signature.
16th February 2023
Reminds me of Terre D'Hermes by Hermes and Yardley's Citrus & Wood.

22nd September 2016

Oviatt, you are exactly right! This reminds me almost EXACTLY of Yardley Citrus & Woods, so much so that I even wonder if it was repackaged! Very nice frag for the price and perfect for spring!
10th March 2015
I applied some in a store, and I forgot what it was. But I kept going back to it on my arm. I had a few others in a couple of different places, but this one stood out. When I returned later and bought it, I felt it was too strong. I guess the good thing is that a little goes a long way, and it smells fresh and complex. But it does not have that clean, aquatic soapy kind of freshness like most newer scents. Instead, it has a rather deep & green, woody scent. It's kind of preppy, and I think aptly named.
26th January 2015
Very sharp and fresh and green. This reminds me strongly of Yardley's Citrus & Woods and even of Terre d'Hermes. The black currant note is a nice opening and not at all Ribena-like. This leads into the geranium note that has the green snap of freshly trampled grass, with earthy patchouli and Vetiver bringing up the rear. Very modern smelling for this very traditional house and a great addition to their line up of classics like Lyme and Bay Rhum. This is a fresh daytime scent that is perfect for the office and casual wear--a weekend visit to the pub would be the perfect setting for this. Masculine and sporty, this is an apt tribute to the game of Rugby and a nice alternative when something fresh yet deep is required.
26th December 2014
I have been a big fan of this scent for a while, having sampled it on multiple occasions. I finally broke down and bought a bottle, and I couldnt be happier.

Rugby provides a balanced classic scent which reminds you of England. I happen to be a rugby player, and this makes you think of the field, the slight stain from wet grass, and the best part the english leather of rugby balls or a leather helmet. It is definitely a spring time scent, but it succeeds in providing a calming scent that is still masculine.

I would agree with some of the other reviews that Royall Lyme of Bermuda seems to struggle a bit with creating a scent with the greatest longevity, but this is definitely a scent that will stay stocked on my shelf for a long time.
27th December 2013
Not for me "A fragrance as unique as the game itself" -- Royall had it right, there. It carries a pleasant and spicy pine scent upon initially applying the fragrance, but it soon fades into smells of wood, grass, flesh, sweat, leather and such. It could just be my body's chemistry throwing it off, but it reminds me of the sense I get upon being socked in the jaw, which might be what Royall was after. I don't really enjoy thinking of that all day long. I imagine it might be better when paired with Brut or something. But for a single fragrance, I would buy a generic attempted emulation of Brut found in the dollar store over this one. Bottom line: what a disappointment from Royall. Get Royall Spyce or Lyme instead.Pros: Exotic, complex, masculine, uniqueCons: Borderline stenchy
17th June 2013
If you want to smell like you just stepped off the set of Dead Poets Society, this is the one for you! If you want to smell like you just stepped off the set of Dead Poets Society, this is the one for you! It evokes images of some prep school full of rich kids playing rugby on an autumn's day. It's a very "green" smell in the sense that it is fresh and well balanced. The dry down is great and for the money you can't beat it. Get the 4 oz. and buy the 8 oz. bottle to refill the 4 oz. bottle, because the 8 oz. bottles don't come with sprayers in any of the Royall line.Pros: Great fragrance for the money.Cons: Longevity will need a second bottle at work.
2nd June 2013
Royall's Rugby features a strident geranium note right from the gate. Those who don't like such a provocation would be advised to wait - time pumices the hard edges and leaves a polished woodiness when the vetiver joins the geranium. On the other hand, those such as myself who like the peppery, astringent opening will be a tad nonplussed when, seemingly on a dime, Rugby's initial potency beats a hasty retreat to shyness. Longevity is relatively good for such a simple duet, but the projection and sillage are chaste. Smells good, though.
2nd March 2013
Rugby opens with hint of blackcurrant which fades away into a verdant geranium note. The patchouli adds an earthy note. The vetiver softens and balances these two notes.

Rugby reminds me of a fantasized version of the sport after which it was named. It brings to mind a dew covered pitch at dawn. Rugby may not be terribly complex, or very interesting, but it is still a beautiful scent.
12th February 2013