Olivier Creed brings to life the early 20th century fashion sketchbooks of his ancestor, Henry Creed II. Inspired by a time when the House of Creed was steeped in London’s fine tailoring, Royal Princess Oud becomes the first scent born from over a century of couturier history.

Royal Princess Oud fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sicilian bergamot, rose, sweet violet
  • Heart

    • jasmine, vanilla absolute, aldehydes, patchouli, iris
  • Base

    • siamese benzoin, sandalwood, styrax

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I'm eager to change out my normal, daily, go-to fragrances of oud, woods, resins, patchouli, ambergris, spices, etc with something a more feminine leaning fragrance...something with florals, for sure. Because I have always loved Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie, I decided to try Royal Princess Oud. I historically have liked, or loved many Creed fragrances, so I figured why not?

So, Royal Princess Oud is truly a lovely and beautiful fragrance that wears very true to its listed notes. The opening is spritzy & citrusy Sicilian bergamot along with rose, violet and aldehydes. The rose note is a lovely, small, young rose and the violet is also thin & wispy...and green...and wet. These beautiful opening notes begin a memorable floral experience. IMO, The opening is ethereal and dreamy.

So, some jasmine and vanilla, perhaps a wee-bit of patchouli soon rise and make a slight appearance. I'm not 100% sure of how iris smells but I suppose iris is present amongst the (sadly) waning floral bouquet in the lovely opening and now the merging middle. Overall, the mid-notes contribute slightly to the already gorgeous perfume opening.

Finally, I detect more sweet patchouli, which I love when it's well blended with other notes. Then, the Creed signature base notes arrive in all their glory...some benzoin, definite sandalwood and other woods, resins. Given the name of this fragrance, I would expect at some point oud might appear; however I never quite detect anything that smells like

I love what I love but I truly am a niche perfume supporter. I know The House of Creed has been around for centuries. However, in the past it seems their main market was a small-ish group of people who truly appreciated the Creed style of perfume making, ie: the quality of the ingredients, the consistent unique fragrances & the performance of all their items. Not so much any more.

Once Creed began selling in big, upscale department stores, I think their mission drastically changed. I am not rich and buying expensive perfume is a real luxury. So, I value the few full bottles I own and somehow, all the dots need to connect in order for me to purchase perfume upwards of $265-$300 USD for 75 ml of perfume.

I'm sure I can bounce around and find a bottle of RPO at a fair price, which is what I usually do when I purchase such expensive perfume. Yet despite loving this perfume, the fragrance did grown extremely thin after 20-30 minutes. This perfume performs exactly how most Creed fragrances of late perform with my chemistry. Seems like over the years, Creed has changed the quality of their ingredients and their marketing & advertising no longer have that small-time, caring feel. And because Creed perfumes have become coveted by more elite persons, I cannot imagine the perfume ever becoming affordable for those who love the uniqueness of special perfume houses.

So, longevity for me is low at two hours tops. Silage is moderate.

RPO is a gorgeous fragrance, it really is. I just think given its price and performance, there may be another similar fragrance out there that is somewhat more suitable for me, the things I hold dear and my budget.
17th April 2023
"Inspired by a time when the House of Creed was steeped in London's fine tailoring, Royal Princess Oud becomes the first scent born from over a century of couturier history." Huh?

The paragraph provided by Creed about Royal Princess Oud makes no sense whatsoever. Then there's the name. Neither royal, nor descriptive of what one might mentally conjure up as scent for a princess, and there's not a drop of oud to be found in this. I'm wondering if Oliver Creed thought, well, we'll throw in some benzoin and sandalwood and it'll almost smell like an oud. Sorry, but it's a bit too late in the oud department for us to fall for that.

I'm not a Creed hater, by any means. I've worshipped at the Creed store on the Avenue Pierre, have owned five Creed flacons in recent years, and drained all of them dry. This is probably why I expect more from the house of Creed and am extremely disappointed in this scent.

The drydown is a patchouli ride, not unpleasant, but not worth the price by any means. I'm reading what deadidol mentioned about the similarity of the base with Aventus. He knows Aventus better than I ever will, and I must agree with him.

If Creed wants to do a woody iris-and-violet scent with a good structure and some depth, it would be interesting. I'm sorry to say that Royal Princess Oud tries too hard, and doesn't make it. Not a scubber, but not a buy; hence the neutral rating.
27th April 2021

Upon first sniff you get a dark, yet spicy floral opening. With the spice mix, oud is very present but not dominate. Together with the florals, these really propel this fragrance onward with a nice spice laden floral bomb.

Ladies, this is a nice fragrance to have in rotation.

26th June 2018
The opening is pleasant: a slightly sweetish bergamot, with a soft violet and a good jasmine making a gently fresh-floral mix.

The drydown adds a smooth patchouli - no harshness here - with a restrained aldehydic - at tunes nigh-fruity-ozonic undertone, which is not too synthetic. The base adds vanilla - neither cloying nor dominant- on a woodsy background that is spiced up with a bit of benzoin-infused styrax.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a floral spring scent that is not bad, but overall a bit nondescript at times and not structured particularly well. The name is complete deception: there is no oud, not even any synthetically derived oud, in in this composition. 2.75/5.
24th April 2018
Alrighty, the princess was in a mighty vague mood over here, a blurry watercolour daydream of mauves and pinks having left her a bit dopy – so she asked her shadowy attendant to get her a petit portion of something vaguely fruity (like, yeah, whatever) to nibble on.
Sorry if the silliness of the name prompts my sneering, but frankly this half-starved offering deserves it. For this is a misty and pale violet (with some hairspray iris valiantly attempting to give it a bit of body) infused for a while with a bit of berryish fruitiness from below – it vanishes some time in. It is wash after wash of light, barely there, colour amounting to one almighty… erm, pale wash?
My point is that this is a completely inconsequential perfume which makes blankness an art form. Oud? Pfttt! There's some clean, slightly peppery, wood in the base which does come up somewhat during the course of the wear, but don't look for much more. What starts off as a fresh and vaporous violet with fruity tones, floats down onto a fluffed up bed of musky wood. It's all so disorienting and formless, I felt I had been mildly sedated – not a good feeling when you've worn the damn thing in the morning. Fortunately it only has an active life of about two hours.

2nd September 2016
Have a sample just place on my wife and liked it.
I think is great fruit floral mix base reminds me of Aventus.This is different though it is probabally unisex but definaetly suitable more for a woman. Its expesinve for 75 cc its 385.They should sell it in a 3.4 oz bottle come in 8 ounces and 2.5 . I like it creed makes amazing fragrances I do not smell the od for some reason here for cedar even though its not here..Overall If you are a collector then I would say go for it is good fragrance cant find anything wrong with this.This gets 10/10. My favorite on my wife is still viva la juicy .I know that people will say that better frags are out there .I want argue that but for me may be one of least expensive that I have for my wife wardrobe is my favorite.same can be said for bougart in the men column for me yes I own other scents that are better but this one for me is really good A projection monster .Anyway this I believe could be that kind of fragrance for anyone who tries this I can see where this would be there favorite but have to have some deep pockets .Try this will not dissapoint!
24th February 2016
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