Royal Pavillon fragrance notes

  • Head

    • rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, mimosa, violet
  • Heart

    • sandalwood, vetiver, oak musk
  • Base

    • castoreum, civet

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I love the notes of mimosa and acacia, but haven't found any fragrances with such notes that as a whole really work with my chemistry and my taste, until now. Royal Pavillon is a mesmerizing study in yellow florals, with the aforementioned notes, wonderfully chewy, plush, and dense, harmonizing with an indolic jasmine and ripe ylang-ylang. I had my reservations about having such a saturation of florals leaning so feminine in my skin that I couldn't pull it off, but as I wear it, I realize that there isn't really a gendered quality to this ravishing kaleidoscope. It's an experience that transcends all that nonsense, and experience counts far more than any cultural perceptions when it comes to my relationship with scent.

As I write this, Pat Metheny's "Hermitage" plays, and serves as a perfect backdrop. As it settles into the heart, Royal Pavillon has a shade of creme de violette and a supporting rose accent, while a foreshadowing of moss and powdery sandalwood peek through like autumn sunlight. I am enveloped in it all in an almost intoxicating way, drifting off all daydream-like. This is heady and voluminous, but in no way a catalyst for headaches; rather it feels to me like some sort of mental salve.

While castoreum and civet are present and discernible in the base, they meld into the composition in a way that exalts all else, rather than rendering the discrete whole as an "animalic floral." Vetiver also anchors it; I do find that Etro has a way with using vetiver rather judiciously and tastefully in a number of its compositions (Shaal Nur, Palais Jamais) so that it isn't a crutch but rather a soft-spoken crux. While it's an EDT concentration, this wears as an EDP, lingering for hours with gentle reminders.

What a real treasure.
9th March 2022
An extremely funky jasmine perfume, more indolic than floral. The indoles (that weird woody rotting flower smell that jasmine takes on when the flowers die) are front and center, further exaggerated by currant bud's gross green undertones. There's also some quite pretty rose, violet, and carnation supporting the jasmine, but they're definitely relegated to the background.

Given time, it all melts together into a rich, spicy floral. I smell grapefruit and orange blossom over piquant vetiver, with the rest of the flowers and funk hovering in the background. This stage is beautiful if you have the audacity to make it through the topnotes.

I know I'm weird because I rather like the smell of indoles, so I've enjoyed Roval Pavillon, including the scary topnotes, but I'm quite aware that a lot of folks will likely be turned off. For the brave or the jasmine obsessed, this is a really interesting wear, worth checking out.
9th April 2019

Pleasant retro fragrance. Rich, powdery,"so good
14th February 2012
This one has a vintage feeling in it.
Strong floral with animalic base notes of castoreum and civet.The prominent floral notes are jasmine and mimosa.
It's lasting and i enjoy wearing it.
22nd September 2011
The first time I smelled Royal Pavillon, I got interesting creamy flowers. Thereafter, every time I've put it on, it's been... suntan lotion. Pure suntan lotion. Ugh.
6th April 2008
Do you remember White Shoulders? So does Etro.
21st April 2006