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I sampled this over a year ago - I still don't care for it... Very odd top note combo. It smells old, dusty. Ozone. The rose is "off" for my taste. I think there is too much pepper here. It skews. The geranium here is just awful. I have a hard time with this Oriza and I am a fan of this house.

Old, scented drawer liner paper; that's what this reminds me of. There are stale cloves. Old cedar. Rotting flower petals. Frankly, it smells of death. That's all I've got to say about this.
10th March 2019
A clove centred perfume that's also soft as a baby's skin, with a sweet rosy-myrrh aura and occasional glimpses of orange. No doubt there will be body lotion comparisons from some quarters, but they would serve to highlight just how unusually the essential spiciness of Royal Oiellet is treated. Everything is in the texture and feel of this scent – it's light, it's silky, even airy, and can be easily warn in warm weather. That's something of a feat for the notes concerned.
Not as substantial as some of the other fragrances in the Oriza line up but a fine addition nonetheless.
19th September 2014