The first bottle of Royal Ceylan was presented to Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William. If you are not lucky enough to be William's belle, you can also purchase it exclusively through Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman in the US.

The floral fragrance is presented in five different leather-wrapped atomisers.

Royal Ceylan fragrance notes

  • Head

    • green tea absolute, bitter rice, jamaican ginger, bergamot, tangerine
  • Heart

    • lotus flower, white-tipped platinum tea, sea salt
  • Base

    • vetiver, cedar, lemon petitgrain

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Royal Ceylan was offered recently as part of an atomizer promotion back in late 2013/early 2014 at Neiman Marcus along with Amafli Flowers, Feuilles Vertes, and Windsor. Acquiring a sample of this for reviewing purposes was next to impossible but I happened to get one nonetheless. As zztop had already mentioned, none of the notes really stood out and I could agree to an extent. Of the notes that were listed, the most obvious ones were the citrus and tea notes. The other remaining notes were either very subtle or undetectable. Upon application, I detected notes of ‘Sicilian' tangerine and ‘Calabrian' bergamot which makeup the citrus notes. There's also a hint of ‘Jamaican' ginger but it was pretty muffled and the rice note couldn't be detected at all. The citrus notes will fade allowing for the ‘green and white-tip platinum' tea notes to move towards the front of the scent during the heart. There was a faint floral note in the heart which was probably the lotus flower and as well as hints of salt both which accompanied the tea notes. At the base, the most detectable note for me was the petit-grain which joined the tea notes from previously. There should also be notes of vetiver, cedar, and lemon but they were pretty muffled in the scent and I couldn't really single them out. By this time, RC was a skin scent and pinpointing notes was next to impossible. As for longevity and silage, I got at least 6 hours in longevity and below moderate silage for pretty much the entirety of the scent with the exception of the opening. The best time to wear it would probably be during the summer as the heat would most certainly improve the silage. Overall, I was underwhelmed with RC and it's certainly not one that I plan on acquiring a small decant of for collecting purposes in the future.
13th April 2015
Although I agree that this is a very linear scent, it is definitely enjoyable! It has a very soft floral note surrounded by a clean neutral tea note. There is a sharp bitter touch to the fragrance at first but disappears on the dry down. It is very close to the skin and is perfect for office/close quarter environments.
15th July 2014

This smells very much like Love in White. So much so that I'm wondering if CREED re-formulated their classic base that is present in most of their compositions.At first sniff, this is a mess. Its sharp and tangy and cloying. After a while though, it evens out into something thats rather interesting but terribly linear. This is a citrus floral with the emphasis on the citrus. I have not looked at the notes, but do I smell grapefruit? Grapefruit and ginger maybe? This is not worth what they are charging for it and I don't care WHO got the first bottle of it. This is a nice fragrance. Just nice. Not Creed.
13th February 2007
Royal Ceylan (RC) - a 2006 limited edition release - 1.7 Oz. for $270; at that price, this stuff better be the nectar of Gods itself.Its hard to describe Royal Ceylan because no one note stands out. RC contains a characteristic accord which showcases a central citrus note complemented by less discernible notes of ginger, tea and sea salt. These complementing notes give RC an evolved citrus accord, with occasional whiffs of ginger and salt. The fragrance stays close to skin, but longevity is good (around 7 hours).RC is copacetic - infact, it smells like a refined Erolfa, which is a good thing. However, when compared to Feuille Verte, it is lacking in flow and evolution, and doesn't smell as arresting. The singular and exceptional jasmine basenote in Feuille Verte itself surpasses anything Royal Ceylan has to offer. At regular Creed prices, I might give this a neutral rating, but at prices costing a credit card and a nostril, it really cant be recommended. Olivier Creed visited far flung islands to seek out pristine ingredients for Royal Ceylan. If only the end result was as gratifying as his sea voyages..
15th December 2006