Rouge fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange, red peony, white pepper
  • Heart

    • osmanthus, plum blossom, amazonian water lily
  • Base

    • patchouli, cashmere woods, musk

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This is one of my personal favorites. I am partial to fragrances with osmanthus, especially when they include more fresh and spicy elements to cut the sweetness a bit as this one does. I find it a very smooth scent with the spicy woody elements remaining mild and serving to round out the fragrance and let the fresh florals shine.
16th November 2016
I don't agree with the description here...I primarily smell grapefruit with this scent.
my husband loves it to death...I am ok with it...would buy again.
this perfume is not in production now...2013
4th March 2013

I guess I just don't like the fruity ones. Blind bought this, love the bottle, but it doesn't work for me. It's not vile by any means, but I'll probably try to resell it.
19th May 2012
i like the bottle design.For the scent, i feel it very orange, very green and quite sharp. Not my taste. White pepper... i'd rather prefer pink pepper.
14th June 2011
The First Notes Woodsy Methol Spices &Pepper Like your in a Genie's Bottle very exotic then in a couple of minutesit changes in a orangy Scent Very Innovative. I Will give this a 5.
16th August 2010
Very nice fragrance- I love the warm citrus opening, as well as its floral development- and I thought I didn't like peony fragrances! This one proves me wrong...
9th May 2010
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