The fragrance was launched in 2011 and created by perfumer François Robert

The company say:

Rosissimo is a men’s perfume created to echo the originality of many garden roses emanating, surprisingly, a lemon fragrance with an occasional hint of grapefruit. A tribute to rich hidden depths of fresh roses, Rosissimo is a clear signature perfume whose strength and elegance will astonish.  

Rosissimo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Italian lemon, Pink grapefruit, Bitter Orange, Rosemary, Verbena
  • Heart

    • White jasmine, Freesia, Rose essence, Precious woods
  • Base

    • Leather, Cistus oil, Fir Balsam, Vetiver, Tree moss

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Latest Reviews of Rosissimo

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I've tried a few scents in the Rosine line, and up to this point did not care for any of them. This one changes my opinion. I think it is quite nice.
It starts with very good citrus notes. These soften into a gentle white floral note, which quickly deepens into a pleasant rose note. The rose is authentic but not heady-sweet, quite suitable for a scent aimed at the male market. A soapy-clean sort of note develops, along with a light leathery note. These are all pleasant.
This is not a stunning scent, but it is quite attractive and works well on my skin.
14th September 2012
An unexpected delight – gorgeous citric notes with a herbaceous zing that buzz like mayflies around a pure sweet rose. It feels completely natural and unforced. Good tenacity for something this fresh, and depth and evolution, too. Ends in a sweeter zone as it must but the fir and vetiver in the base maintain strength and direction. Tremendous confidence to this one; can't for the life of me see why it's targeted at men alone.
12th July 2012

Someone in the trade told me that this House has a reputation for being a bit dated/old fashioned and I must admit the few I have tested were a touch staid albeit perfectly pleasant.Rosissimo certainly bucks the trend, being a sparkling fresh and vibrant citric rose which lasts for ages. Perfect for both sexes imo and would especially suit the summer months (if we ever get summer here).
4th July 2012
I would classify Rosissimo as Citrus-Aromatic with some rose in it. Yap, the rose is not as eccentric as the name suggests. A total feel good perfume with average or slightly less lasting power on me and certainly not an edgy rose.
17th February 2012