Roses et Reines / Rose des 4 Reines 
L'Occitane (2008)


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Roses et Reines / Rose des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

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Roses et Reines / Rose des 4 Reines is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by L'Occitane

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Reviews of Roses et Reines / Rose des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

There are 6 reviews of Roses et Reines / Rose des 4 Reines by L'Occitane.

A straightforward "rosey rose" cologne from L'Occitane which unfortunately never manages to perform on me in a fully realistic (earthy-leafy-vegetal) way. I tend to be overly exigent with the rosey rose fragrances anyway and I know it well since I need to fully catch the "lymphatic" (bitter herbal and leafy) vibe, the veritable aroma of rose extrait, my tollerance level of synthetic tends to significantly decrease. Said this, nothing is overly chemical with Rose des 4 Reines which is anyway a gracious Victorian neo-classic for us.

Screechy. Synthetic and sneeze-inducing. Not at all like the old L'Occitane rose fragrance, which was a velvety, realistic rose.

I like this fragrance because it's safe, friendly, unobtrusive, and that nice girl next door or in the office that gets along with everyone. Very nice wear for the workplace and a casual night out with friends.

I know others feel differently, but I get no rose at all out of this. All I smell is something overly sweet, generic and Avon-ish. I really hate it.

I have the solid perfume version, very sweet and light, easy to apply and great for the summer. Nothing too adventurous just candy roses, but pleasant enough and cheap in this form!

A real truly rose scent. I love it and wear it almost every day. It is light and smells fresh and yet it is rosey rosey rosey, the way I like them. It has a fairly good staying power, despite being very light. I feel that just-out-of-the-shower sensation for hours. Also, it does not annoy even the perfume-enemies (and they DO exist, poor ones!). Now and then somebody asks me what is it that I am wearing that smells so fabulous. It is a pity it is so expensive at L'Occitane shops in my city (circa 130 U.S. dollars a bottle). But I pay it gladly because it is so pleasant. Hoe may thumbs up dp I need?

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