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Mancera (2011)

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Roseaoud & Musc by Mancera

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Roseaoud & Musc is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Mancera

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Reviews of Roseaoud & Musc by Mancera

There are 3 reviews of Roseaoud & Musc by Mancera.

A lovely ROSE/spice/ FLORAL fragrance with Oud captivating yet, clothing the wearer with poise, ambiance, and much delight!

Roseaoud & Musc has a mighty punch when struck. Rosy with spices sitting in the background. This is from the Saffron, Agarwood, and Sandalwood. The Rosy, combined witht eh Jasmine and White Musk, is very much in your face as the Spices come around. Again, a very distinct rose with the musk following close behind. This is very reminiscent of Aoud Sandroses; (I mean VERY similar; I mean like I sprayed Roseaoud & Musc and thought I sprayed Aoud Sandroses similar).

Similarities/differences between AoudSandroses, Roseaoud & Musc, and Gold Intensitive Aoud.

Roseaoud & Music is a more floral, aoud rose scent.
AoudSandroses-is a much more spicier rose.
Gold Intensitive Aoud is a much sweeter aoud and rose fragrance.

These are all nice and unique in their own right.

Some might fine Roseaoud & Musc leaning more feminine, however, I think it is unisex all the way due to the musk.

Great silage, great projection, and great longevity. A must have in one's wardrobe.

A blurry take on the oud/rose/musk genre, made worse by the use of sub-standard materials. The rose wilts within minutes of application, the spices lack distinction and the so-called oud is, to put it bluntly, a running joke. All I get after the first hour is creamy, warm, lightly spiced woods. No oud, no rose.

Incidentally, I had worn a similar blend from Al Haramain earlier in the day. This Mancera is comparatively inferior in every department. Perhaps they are meant for American noses?

I don't know. What I do know is how dissatisfied I felt while wearing it. It was like trying to enjoy the sight of breath-taking mountain views through frosted glass.

Alas, the oud in this is of the Montale/Mancera "urinal cake" variety. Sharp, bathroom deodorizer scent. The rose is strong, the sandalwood present, but I never cared for this type of oud. I prefer the medicinal variety. The saffron smells a bit like amber.

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