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Jo Malone London (2010)


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Rose Water & Vanilla by Jo Malone London

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Rose Water & Vanilla is a shared scent launched in 2010 by Jo Malone London

Fragrance notes.

Reviews of Rose Water & Vanilla by Jo Malone London

There are 4 reviews of Rose Water & Vanilla by Jo Malone London.

The abbreviated note triangle above doesn't account for one of the biggest traits of Rose Water & Vanilla: the Turkish delight candy known as "Rahat Loukhoum", made of starch and sugar.

Fragrance notes:
Top = neroli and petitgrain;
Heart = rahat loukhoum;
Base = patchouli, musk, vanilla, rose water

Jo Malone's Rose Water & Vanilla, overall, waxes feminine in large part due to the candy note. It's a gourmand scent, touched lightly by perfumed rose water. Quite a sweet-tooth of a fragrance, with an orange-like sugared jelly candy savor, along with a strong hit of neroli and vanilla surrounding all of this.

Very interesting scent that, alas, has been discontinued. Glad I had a chance to sample it when I did, as there are few fragrances out there like this.

This is about as sweet as it gets. I feel like someone whose day job is making cotton candy on the beach--the distinctive strawberry and caramel tones of fresh cotton candy being spun aren't exactly the same as this cologne but there are distinct similarities (I'm not talking about the smell of cotton candy itself, more the smell of a cotton candy machine). Oddly enough I actually like this and can't stop smelling it, it just smells so delicious. I can't think of a single situation where it would be appropriate to smell like this other than on a weekend when I'm lounging around the house and don't plan to see anybody. Maybe on a day when I'm sick and just want to smell something comforting all day. The scent is just so cozy. I almost gave it a neutral for the fact that it's almost unwearable but another whiff convinced me otherwise.

Love love love!!I love the way this sent smells. It smells so good from the moment to put it on. I wish it was a little stronger and that it lasted a little longer. I am hoping Jo Malone will come out with a body cream to match it.Pros: It smells deliciousCons: I wish it lasted longer

Talk about gourmand. The first hit of this ridiculous masterpiece captures perfectly that mouth watering aroma of freshly 'peeled' chocolate covered turkish delight. Salivate in anticipation of sinking teeth into jellied rose. Later, the dry down makes a time traveller out of me, suddenly it's 1991, I'm 5yrs old playing with a select collection of 'My Little Pony' in my wendy house, ruthlessly attempting to comb a tangle of nylon mane while relishing the too-sweet satin-smooth, synthetic aroma of perfumed toy.
'Cologne' is too adult, it's nymphetic.
Wonderful. If only I had a spare £90

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