Henry Shaw is a noted philanthropist and botanist, noted for bequeathing what would become the Missouri Botanical Garden, an oasis in the middle of Saint Louis, full of lush florals, exotic woods and enthralling plant life. Shaw emigrated to Saint Louis from Sheffield, England, bringing with him cutlery from his native city, including world renowned straight razors. He is directly responsible for the grooming of the city’s finest gentlemen, and he hosted galas full of the city’s elite.

Rose Santal is a dusty, sultry rose and sandalwood scent with spicy and subtly sparkling sweet undertones. It was built of our proprietary Santal Auster sandalwood accord, a creamy, and supplemented by our Rose Verte accord, which is a dusty rose smell with a sparkling undertone. It is rounded it out with a subtle spice from cardamom essential oil and Indian black pepper essential oil, all supported by the rich, animalic undertones of labdanum absolute, the perfect scent for an event in Shaw’s garden.

Rose Santal fragrance notes

    • rose, sandalwood, cardamom, indian black pepper, labdanum

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