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Tom Ford (2020)

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Reviews of Rose Prick by Tom Ford

There are 5 reviews of Rose Prick by Tom Ford.

The top notes are a bouquet of roses, mainly May roses, a bit of the Bulgarian and Turkish varieties blended it, mainly the blossoms - but quite brief. Soon oot changes to more of the roses' leaves and stems.

Then I get a phase with a slightly herbal undertone, reminding at times of Colonna's rose-essence-infused olive oil; this is replaced swiftly but a nice tumeric impression; hints of white pepper add depth at this stage. A soft and quite bright patchouli develops, and gains more prominence well into the later stages.

The base is adding a fairly restrained vanilla, which remains rather bland on me until the very end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and five hours of longevity on my skin.

The opening of this spring scent is quite nice as a good lashing of roses, albeit smells rather synthetic, and it does not last very long. The later stages are less vivid and less convincing, especially the base, which is more on the generic side. The performance is lacklustre after the first part 2.75.5
Jul 1, 2021

The opening is somewhat harsh to me. It is rose but of the sweeter variety without any oud or saffron, thankfully. This is better in the air than up close. The drydown is solid with an interesting smokey candle-rose note that's not too sweet or smokey. Reminds me of something like a softer, far less potent Tobacco Oud Intense/Tauer L`Air du Desert Marocain/Ombre Leather at that stage.

Projection is on the loud side during the first few hours. After it settles down, projection is still adequate but not so strong. Lasts all day on my skin.
May 18, 2021

I think the ladies will love this one. Jammy rose with a patchouli and Tonka Bean background. I actually think this is a decent fragrance. I get a light bubblegum note in RP. Projection and Longevity are pretty good though. 6.5/10
Oct 1, 2020

This scent is pleasant and rosy-round enough, but it wears off fairly quickly, which is unfortunately not uncommon for Tom Ford. However, it is absolutely not worth the ridiculous amount of money TF wants for it.

If you're looking for the prick, you won't find it in the scent, but there's an enormous sting in the price.
Jun 18, 2020

Tom Ford Rose Prick (2020) is another ostentaciously-named limited edition private blend that banks on the deep pockets and fervent loyalty of superfans into the brand image of the Tom Ford label. Like other exclusives from this line, the composition itself is fairly gimmicky and linear, being a straightforward conceptualization a la Fucking Fabulous (2017), Lost Cherry (2018), and Lavender Extrême (2019) before it. Unlike the previous entries in this super-expensive flash-in-the-pan range, there is a bit more going on with Rose Prick beyond the obvious, but this is through and through a rose fragrance. If you can get past the fleshy pink bottle and the lewd name, you'll be presented with a candied sort of rose, heavy on tonka bean and fractured patchouli in the base, coming across like a lighter "macaroon flavoring" take on Tom Ford Noir de Noir (2007). This part I like about the scent, but the rest I really don't, even if I can't bring myself to exactly dislike Rose Prick either.

The opening of Rose Prick is a jammy Turkish rose blended with the more-common Bulgarian rose and a bit of that powdery rose de mai which sometimes finds its way into soaps, cremes, or lighter feminine-market rose products. This blend works to establish that candied confectionary sort of rose I mentioned earlier, and sits on top of the mostly pink pepper heart. The pink pepper and Sichuan pepper add body and heft to what would otherwise be a pretty transparent accord, and the synthetic patchouli/tonka base gives that rounded gourmand oriental-ish heft, but it's never woody or mossy like a chypre. Rose Prick isn't particularly fresh either even if it isn't the usual dark oriental rose, so you're left with a middling sweet "rose flavoring" on your skin, which probably has naughty intentions behind it. This lasts over 10 hours even though it isn't a screamer in the projection department, so Rose Prick is definitely more of an intimate sort of affair meant for weekends or long nights under romantic duress.

This isn't really my favorite interpretation of rose and for the price is utterly ridiculous, as there are many higher-quality rose and patch combos for much less money or expensive truly niche rose perfumes far more worth your coin than something that takes the rose/patch tandem and gives it the Willy Wonka treatment. Collectors of these aren't likely to give their bottles regular use because that isn't the point, so like most novelty fragrances from this lineup, it will be bought then squirrelled away for investment and flipping, or the yearly indulgence. Of course, with enough traction this scent could become the next Fucking Fabulous and be re-released in larger number again the following year (then indefinitely), but that hasn't happened so far with the others so don't hold your breath. Rose Prick is just another example of liquid brand hype sold at nosebleed prices per milliliter, but a mildly amusing adulteration of the core accord which made Noir de Noir so good. Try it for yourself but don't get pricked in the process. Neutral.
Feb 20, 2020

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